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Music Hunting Essay

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When it comes to films, for the majority of moviegoers, music is perhaps the last element that people find out impressive or remarkable. It is easy for the audience to neglect the decisive role of music in the movie. Yet, the power of music should not be underestimated since it can either play as a magician that performs miracles for the movie or be a rotten apple that spoils the barrel. If a fantastic film is a splendid painting, music would be the subtle thing that colors the work and makes it a masterpiece. Due to the incredible functions of music, they successfully turned the movie The Hunger Game into a more outstanding classic. There is no denying that the quantities of the numbers in ...view middle of the document...

“Deep in the meadow/Under the willow/A bed of grass/A soft green pillow (02:12-02:30)”, without the any instrumental accompaniment, Katniss’s alto vocal with mellow timbre leads us into a heavenly garden and carefree paradise.
When the second time which is Rue’s death (100:38-101:10) that the lullaby is sung again, time flashbacks back immediately and throws us back to the moment while Katniss was still having Primrose lying beside her which reflects Katniss’s nostalgic emotion and evokes the audience’s unbearable feeling simultaneously. Katniss is overwhelming while she learned the desperate truth that Rue got a shot through her and there is no other way to save her life. Once again, the neutral non-diegetic music begins the lullaby. The serene woodwinds with ostinato chords in minor key which provide a heartrending sentiment and make us burst to into tears. Rue reminds Katniss of Primrose. Katniss sings the lullaby to Rue as if bringing us back to the consonant harmony duet she and her little sister sang together which symbolizes the two hearts are close to each other. Moreover, the music suggests unspoken thoughts. Follow the diegetic background woodwind instruments with ascending pitch and dynamic which gradually cover Katniss’s voice seems to represent Rue becomes an angel and flies to the heaven. The conjunct melody and slow tempo show Katniss’s homesickness, and the melody surrounds her like a web that is full of memories. Under this difficult situation, Rue’s death is defiantly the straw that breaks the camel’s back which is denoted in Katniss’s sobbed timbre, staccato, and syllabic text setting. The elaborate utilization of the lyrics plays an important role for emotional expression; that is, during Rue’s farewell, we can hear Katniss sing in weep, “lay down your head/and close your eyes/and when we open/the sun will rise.”
The Peace Keepers are the people who have the authority and dominion over the country and hold the Hunger Game annually, through leitmotif, we are able to foreshadow the storyline and portray the characteristics of the group (05:46-05:60). The very first time of the leitmotif appears is when Katniss go hunting in the forest. An enormous and tumultuous flying object which is incompatible with the place flies through the sky, the leitmotif exquisitely describes the great fear that comes from the Peace Keepers. The music illustrates the pressure and the apprehension that cause by the Peace Keepers with the rumble. It is not hard to tell that the Peace Keepers are the wicked opposite by the un-pitched monotone with repetitive “boing” sound which contribute to a depressing and anxious mood. The melancholy and muffled timbre of the instruments which sound like black clouds overcast the bright sky are parallel to the fatal control of the Peace Keepers that deprive the hope of people. As the tempo goes rapider and louder which suggest that the...

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