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UNESCO's Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise would like to introduce the first in its series of tools for the use of Global
Alliance members, designed to help them effectively promote cultural industries. Those engaged in cultural industries, above all in
running or planning for the growth of micro and SMEs, have an urgent need for information, both on the practical aspects of their
enterprise and on the broader outlook for the industry within which they are working. This need has not hitherto been well met, either
because it involves independent global analysis or conversely attentiveness to the specific concerns of micro and SMEs. Global
Alliance tools will address this problem both with 'how to' guides that outline how to run SMEs successfully (writing business plans,
dealing with intellectual property concerns, setting up collecting societies) and broader pieces of effective analysis on world and
region wide trends in cultural industries. Other tools will provide perspectives for public policy makers that might not otherwise have
been taken into account (a paper for instance comparing public policy measures in Europe and their market effect). The first in this
series of tools is a set of analyses on current trends in the music industry. A main paper analysing the state of the global market for
music is complemented by a set of regional studies, on Latin America, South East Asia and Africa, so that local operators have a
bigger picture and policy makers can formulate growth strategies that make sense both locally and internationally.
All these tools constitute a valuable extension of the work of UNESCO's Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, a six-year initiative
launched in January 2002 to help safeguard and promote creativity in all the varied forms it takes around the world. The Alliance
recognises above all the social and economic value of creativity when incarnated...

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