Music Industry In A Battle For Recovery.

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In the past two decades, the music industry has been and still is facing a major battle against online piracy and trying to make successful baby steps towards recovery. As a result of this illegal activity conducted allegedly or not, led the recording and distributing companies into economic shock. As stated in 2011 Frontier Economics article, in 2008 “the total commercial value of global music piracy was estimated at close to $40 billion” (qtd. in Stop the Music!). In fact, as reported in International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Digital Music Report in 2008, “in the United States alone, the economic impact to the music industry-in terms of lost revenue-has been estimated at $3.7 billion annually” (qtd. in Stop the Music!). According to Danny Upshaw and Laurie Babin, in 2009 the IFPI estimates that 95% of all downloaded songs are copied illegally (14). The increase of online piracy caused by economic efficiency, ease of accessibility of the digital files on the Internet, social norms, lack of knowledge of the laws related to music production, and lack of ethical consciousness mainly among the younger generation of our society is causing a major problem for the music industry.
As the entire economy dips into a depression in the United States, people’s drive to save money is contributing towards increased numbers of illegal music downloading, which has a tremendous effect on revenues in music industry. This negligent act is occurring strictly along the younger generation, and college students. Brian Sheehan, James Tsao, and James Pokrywczynski are describing that more than 1 billion illegal songs are downloaded by college students (309). Furthermore, they state that according to Brittain, in 2006 college students were downloading at least 1.3 billion pirated songs, evaluated at a current market value of $1.4 billion. Because of these extremely high numbers, the Recording Industry Association of America has stated that music piracy among the college student is “especially and disproportionately problematic” (309). As a result of this illegal conduct, according to Darryl Woolley, between 2003 and 2006 the music piracy destroyed more than 800 music stores, having no choice but close the doors of business (32). Some may argue that college students may illegally download only a few songs and that it cannot have such an impact on the economy. In fact, by taking the entire college student population, even a few songs will add up into extremely large numbers, reflecting in catastrophic loss of revenues. This is leaving an uncorrectional effect on business owners.
During the last two decades computer and Internet technology experiences a dramatic improvement, which made the illegal downloading easier, and faster. Neil Tyler stated in his Comment for University of Pennsylvania Law Review that “Despite the increased connectivity and access to information that digital technology provides us, the Internet has created a world where illegally...

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