What Would The World Be Like Without Music? A Brief History Of Music Through The Ages

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Music is a Life Changer
Imagine you and your friends are going to a movie at the theater. You all file in and sit down just as the opening credits start. It starts out as a black screen and slowly fades into a battle scene. One knight comes into the main focus of the audience. He is lying on the ground hit and is going to die. You can hear a voice from the screen reading dramatic dialog, but that’s all you can hear. No background sounds, no instruments, and no music only voices. What would it be like? No music through a whole movie. Would it change the way you experience the movie? “Music is so powerful, it can change everything about a film.” (Bond 44-45) Music has a big purpose for being here. It can even change a life for the better or worst.
Think back to when you were watching the movie with no music or sound. Would it be even worth it to stay and watch the whole film? It’s has played an important role in the history of our world. It has been one of the things that will never change. It’s always there and will be there forever. Music is in the building blocks of our very existence. If you tried to take music away forever, some how, some way it would come back. It’s like love or goodness it’s always there now and forever. “Listen. Can you hear it? The music. I can hear it everywhere. In the wind... in the air... in the light. It's all around us. All you have to do is open yourself up. All you have to do... is listen.” (Sheridan)
Music has been around for centuries. Some of the oldest known instruments found were over 35,000 years old. The flutes were carved out of a vulture bone or any other thin bone or wood. It’s has been thought to be incorporated in ceremonies, celebrations and worship. But over the centuries music has changed. From simple Cathedral chants, background music for dinner parties, and simple folk song up to now a days hard-core, heartbreaking, and party booming melodies. Some of the musical periods are: Medieval (500-1475), Renaissance (1475-1600), Baroque (1600-1760), Classical (1730-1820), Romantic (1815-1910), Modern (1890-1930), 20th Century (1901-2000), Contemporary (1975-present), and 21st Century (2001-present). These Periods have changed the way music: sounds, is written, and taken.
One of the examples in our history is the black people and the age of jazz. Black people would use music to help lighten each other’s load as they worked as slaves. It was the way they could express themselves without being beaten, well most of the time. They even started to use music as a way to pass messages from one to another. Eventually blacks became free and they started to preform for bars, taverns and clubs. Slowly it made its way to big hotels and parties as entertainment for big hotshot people. It even began to change the fashion from modest and proper to scandal less short dresses. The effort of enslaved people changed a whole nation. “In his art you hear everything, from the most subtle expression of dreamy sensuousness...

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