Music Is A Powerful Tool For Globalization

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Over the years globalization has become a very controversial subject. Some view it as a progression that is significant to future world economic development: a sequence, which is predictable and permanent. However, others believe globalization to be a process that only benefits countries that are already economically strong. Globalization augments inequality within and among countries. It’s “a historical process, [which] is the result of human innovation and technological progress.” Globalization creates a large gap between economically developed nations, and undeveloped nations. “In short, globalization is about the connections between different regions of the world—from the cultural to the criminal, the financial to the environmental—and the ways in which they change and increase over time.” Globalization impacts many aspects of our lives, it’s in music, films, and poetry. Through the lyrics of Wyclef Jean’s If I was President and Nancy Schimmel’s 1492 one learns how music is a powerful tool in building consciousness and solidarity on global issues.
The power that music has throughout the world is infinite. Many songs have the capability to help identify a culture, as well as educate countries about other cultures. Music has a way of inducing feelings, awakening old memories, and producing new ones. It can be used for entertainment, communication, and inspiration. However, at times music is used as a tool for resistance, and change: resistance against power, oppression, and government. Within our everyday lives, and in the lives of others lies the need to
expand our horizons, and surround ourselves with more than just what is seen everyday. The role that music plays in today’s society is a significant tool in the development of globalization.
The lyrics of Wyclef Jean are inspirational, true and offer a sense of culture. In Wyclef’s song If I was president he explores themes that are connected to the atrocities that took place when Haiti’s Junta militia took over. The result being the untimely demise of many people, the flow of money to wrong places, and the heinous acts of violence committed on the Haitian population.
“If I was president, I'd get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday, and buried on Sunday. If I was president. If I was president. An old man told me, instead of spending billions on the war, we can use some of that money, in the ghetto. I know some so poor, they use the spring as the shower, when screaming, fight the power. That's when the vulture devoured. If I was president, I'd get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday, and buried on Sunday. But the radio won't play this. They call this rebel music. How can you refuse it, children of mosses? Tell the children the truth, the truth. Christopher Columbus didn't discover America. Tell them the truth. The truth. Tell them about Marcus Garvey. The truth. The truth. Tell them about Martin Luther King. Tell them the truth. The Truth. Tell them about JFK.”


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