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Music has been around for a really long time. Most people use music to aid with their stress or for entertainment. As our generations are growing so is music. Music is popular nowadays and most of us teenagers use it. We all find it beneficial. Even I find it beneficial for my well-being. They’re many reasons on why I listen to music and why I enjoy it. It has a big role on my life. Ever since I was a young child I listened to music and sang along with it. Music continued to affect my life as I was growing up. It affected the school I went. The mood I was in and it affected on how well I am. In middle school I was in chorus listening to piano solos with violin playing and the chorus singing. It’s a very pleasurable sound. Even now in high school, music still lingers in my life.

Primarily, I listened to music because I enjoyed the melody, the rhythm and the way it made me feel. The way music can change the mood and what it teaches. Everyone can agree on how music can teach us a lesson. Well, not all music does the same on teaching us a lesson but there is music out there that helps us feel better. Music moved me on how I feel and what I wanted to listen to depending on the mood I am. Whenever I feel down I listen to Brand New, La Dispute, Nirvana, or Blue Foundation. When I fee ecstatic and eager I usually listen to my 60’s, 70’s or 80’s band. Music follows the way I feel. It’s like I was in an empty blank room and once I turn the volume up it lifts the room mood and goes along with the music.. It either fills up the room with the mood dark and anxiety or colorful and cheerful. The powerful meaning of the song in which is poetically written, the artist singing them with such emotions along with the beautiful instruments. It’s amazing how our emotion can be influenced based on a piece of art. My uncle passed away and the only music I listen to is Sunday Morning in a Funeral or I can feel your pain. They helped me go through the tragic moment that happened. On a rainy morning as I was walking to the main entrance of the school I was feeling excited and nervous and the music I was listening to Breezeblock by Alt-J to help me relax a bit. I believe that when you’re influenced mentally, you’ll be affected physically as well. This is how music plays a big affect on me.

On top of that, there are numerous music out there in the world that can teach us a lesson or tell us a story. For an example Steel Pulse song “Worth his Weight in Gold” sings us a story and shares the feelings of others. Another example would be La Dispute,“ A King Park”. This song explains about a murder scene and the bystander point of view...

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