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Music Is Essential To A Complete Education

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Education is the foundation that our entire society is built on. Without education, society could not grow and prosper. Without education, we wouldn't have things like electricity, plumbing, or any other common amenities that is present in our society today. Education is important to not only the children receiving it, but to their parents and members of the community as a whole. Education is offered to many in U.S. thanks to public education, and laws that say children must be in school until they are six-teen. Education incorporates not only the four main subjects people usually know, which are science and math, english, and social studies, but music education as well. Music Education is ...view middle of the document...

People always wonder why music helps in these different subject areas when music has nothing to do with math or science, but they are wrong. Music is math and science, and even a foreign language. Students must subdivide the notes into fractions instantly, not work it out on paper. Subdividing is when a person counts the beats in a measure not as 1 2 3 4 but as 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and, usually abbreviated as 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+. It can even be taken a step further, incorporating vocal sounds which written out would look like 1-e-and-ah 2-e-and-ah 3-e-and-ah 4-e-and-ah. In both cases, 1+ and 1-e-and-ah both take the same amount of time to play as just beat 1. This gets even more intricate when there are more than or less than four beats in a measure. Music is exact, and the piece of music a student reads is like a chart. The music can shows volume changes, from loud to soft or vise versa, intensities, where some parts a piece are played with fast shape notes, signally a dark or powerful part, others are played with longer notes and slower, indicating a relaxed part in the piece, and pitches, which dictate whether the musician plays an f or an f# (f-sharp), which have two different sounds. There is math and science, but there is more. A lot of terms in music are in Latin or French, like allegro which means to play at a brisk and upbeat pace, or adagio which means to play the piece slowly and with feeling. The actual idea of music is a complex sort hand, using symbols to depict ideas. A note is just an image that we are taught the meaning of. Without the knowledge behind it music scores would just be pictures. There is foreign language, but there is more than that.. Between the proper posture, using muscles to hold instruments, and hand eye coordination music can be considered physical education If you consider the amount of effort it takes to walk and play an instrument, marching band is definitely physical education.. Of course, Music is also an art, as it can express emotions and feelings in a way that makes the person who listens to it feel those emotions. (“Why Teach Music).
The fact that music incorporates all these different subject areas is just one reason why it helps in other subjects. Music affects children in many ways. Children who study music have a larger vocabulary and better reading skills than students who do not study music. This helps them improve their essay writing, which is an important skill to have in high school and college. Studying music also helps the brain comprehend speech when there is noise or other distractions going on. This means that there is an even greater benefit to music education for kids with learning disabilities or children who lose focus easily. Music education also affects the way a persons brain comprehends the human language. This allows students to have an easier time learning a second language, which is now a very important skill to have when applying for jobs. Another benefit is that students who...

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