"Music Is Purely For Relaxation." Do You Agree?

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" Music is purely for relaxation." Do you agree?

In every corner of the world, people play and listen to music. " Music is everywhere is man has ears." Music so often defies definition. Music is often considered as one of the two most precious gifts from God. For the sake of clarity music is often defined as the organisation of sounds and silences into interesting and meaningful patterns. Music is ubiquitous and has existed since time immemorial. Man simply cannot imagine life without this divine gift. But to say that music is purely for relaxation is very lopsided. This is so because music has a multitude of functions.

Music is a sine qua non in a man's life and has an amazing power. It works miracles on the human psyche. Music has the ability to alter the brain chemistry. That's why music is important for our psychic equilibrium. We have various types of music to appeal to various people who have various temperaments. Music has a soothing effect on man. After a hard day of work, music brings a welcome relief. Music has the ability to relax both our mind and muscles. Also, music is used in therapy as it has a therapeutic value. Music relaxes patients and it's a way for them to get over their pent up feelings. Altogether, music plays a central role in the way we relax. Lots of people go to nightclubs and discotheques to have a break from humdrum life as music and dancing make us feel refreshed.

Though lots of people consider music as a medium of relaxation, it is often used for human solidarity. Music is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. Music is the best way to demonstrate human solidarity. Musicians use music to raise funds for laudable purposes and also to sensitise the world on the sufferings of other fellow earthlings. Some examples if great music for such causes are: 'heal the world' for children's right; 'imagine' by John Lennon for world peace and lately, ' live for love united' written by Desmond Child and Pascal Obispo and sang by well known footballers to raise funds for the combat of aids.

Likewise, music plays an important role in mass consciousness. Music is used as a vehicle to vent out human misery. The jazz composed by the black people; the reggae of Bob Marley is a way for the black to express themselves in the teeth of white domination. There is the Sega by the slaves and now the ' Sega engage' a way to denounce and fight social and political injustices.

Furthermore, music is used to reinforce religious faith. In the England church's music and songs are used to remobilize believers. In Mauritius, Father Grégoire shows the way of God through music. Even the pope...

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