Music Is Socially Meaningful Essay

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Does “Music equal life?” Have you ever wondered what this quote could really mean?
Well, music in society can play a major significance in our persona. Music, I believe is the
essence of defining yourself, other than our family and peers. This contributes to our
development not only emotionally and psychologically, but involvement within society. The way
we walk, talk and dress can be a determining factor from the music aspect as well. Our
involvement is all based on these assumptions of how we interpret and behave based on the
music we prefer. One of the most significant and astonishing outcomes of music in society is the
ways of communication. The most important thing to take from music is no matter the language,
we can communicate from many symbols. These symbols may include; rhythm, sound,
instruments etc. Sociologist can view music in many ways to see the behavior or effect it could
have in society. These ranges from many theories and preferences (genres) to have a
determination of how people could react/interact within one another.

Even though, music plays a big part of our individual lives it also contributes to society
as a whole. Society has a set of norms and rule where each individual should partake, and those
who do not choose to will be labeled. Many genres of music are labeled as well due to the
behaviors it contributes. For example, rock and roll. This genre of music is seen as dark, with
loud heavy music/sounds. Not only that, but the fashioned involved. Within this research I will
be focusing on the very controversial and slightly new genre, Reggeaton. As well as the multi-
Cucuta 2
cultural genre known as Salsa. These both come from Latin roots and therefore have a lot of
significance of how the Hispanic community can be classify within society. These two genres
could serve as major concepts within sociology. The concepts focused on this paper will include
Cultural Diffusion, Symbolic Interactionism and Cooperation. These will center on the
assumptions within society and people involved inside these genres.

Cultural Diffusion is socially defined as the “process by which aspects of one culture or
subculture are incorporated into another”,(Brinkerhoff, 2011) In the United States this
sociological term serves as a great example of diversity. Here, we learn how to process the
combinations of many cultures and traditions form all parts of the world, as well as our own. One
music genre that serves this purpose is known as Salsa. Many nationalities such as Puerto Rican
believe this genre of music was originated by them. We can also see the same example serving
Cubans. However, this genre of music actually originated in New York City, influenced by both

The nature of this genre was established in the early 1930’s, in New York within the
communities of Puerto Rican and Cuban immigrants. What are the major Cuban contributions to
this genre?...

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