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Music: Middle Ages And Today Essay

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Today, around the world, music creates an impact on our culture, and changed the way our history was written. Specifically, in the Middle Ages, music was used in such a way, that society grew around it. Many things have changed about this subject, including instruments, vocals, and style, but the impact that still reaches our society today remains the same.
Long ago, during the 14th century, instruments were used as a form of entertainment and was the primary source of income for most musicians. Instruments, like ours today, were classified into groups, depending on tone, pitch, and how they were played. The three main groups that these instruments are sorted into are string, woodwind, ...view middle of the document...

Defined by Naxos, the percussion instrument is “ one where a resonating surface is struck by the player, either by hand or by some form of stick.” (Naxos Music Education) These instruments include bells, drums, and chimes. In Medieval Times, most drums consisted of a hollow tree trunk covered in the skin of water animals and bound by twine or string. Through time, the method for creating these instruments has completely changed. Slabs of wood have been bent into a circular shape by applying heat and pressure. Drum heads have transformed into a polyester shell secured to the base by a metal ring. Though the materials used to make these fascinating instruments have changed as time has passed, the concept of these contraptions has stayed remained the same.
Singing is an amusing pastime that folks have been enjoying through many generations. This vocal technique contains many different aspects such as, diction and lyrics. These qualifications have become less and less strict as the time has dragged on. Diction, the way words are articulated, has seen less attention. In medieval times, proper pronunciation was quite strict, and elongated vowels were necessary. Currently, singers are using a more relaxed tone, and singing more like the speech patterns used when talking. Beautiful and ingeniously thought out words stood as the lyrics for songs. Artists and writers poured their hearts and souls into the words sung. As a result, legendary songs about love stories, The Holy God, poems, and legends became works of art. In present day, song artists write about topics for the sake of their careers. Money, power, and fame are all subjects of modern day songs, creating less memorable moments than older music.
Above all, the style of music has changed...

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