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Music New Electronic Era Of Hatsune Miku

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New Electronic Era of Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is one of the top famous singers in Japan. However, she is not a ‘human’ instead she is a computer sound synthesis program. The music created from the Miku has hit a big wave not only in Japan but also around the globe. It is interesting to investigate how a computer program becomes an international singer. In the essay, background history of electronic music is firstly discussed, it focuses more on the history, music style of Hatsune Miku. Finally, analyses on the impact that Miku has brought to the current electronic music and prediction about the future music trend of Miku are added.
What is electronic music?
Electronic music is a board term describing music generated by electronic means which may or may not be accompanied by live music or musical instruments, and which may delivered live or through speakers.
The rise of electronic music can be traced back to the futurist movement in 1909, initiated by the book of an Italian poet Filippo Marinetti, Manifesto of Futurist Poetry. The objectives of the movement was then outlined by a composer Balilla Pratella, in his publication Manifesto of Futurist Musician. The document called for ‘The rejection of traditional musical principles and methods of teaching and the substitution of free expression, to be inspired by nature in all its manifestation.’
After two years, Futurist Luigi Russolo, published a book called The Art of Noise. In his book, he suggested; “Music sound is too limited in qualitative variety of timbre … we must break out of this narrow circle of pure musical sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise sounds.” (Note: the noise mentioned above is not about the unpleasant sound. It refers to the sound from the nature. For instance, Screams, whispering, boom, Whistles, .etc.) The book mounds a basic concept about electronic music. After World War II, due to the improvement of technology, people started playing music with electronic devices such as electronic guitars, keyboards rather than violins, pianos etc. Since then, music was far beyond orchestra.
Hatsune Miku
Today, the dream of the futurist eventually comes true. The technology nowadays is more advanced compared to the 20th century. The impossible missions in the old-days like how to combine both electronic and vocal sound together, now become possible. Surprisingly, in today music world, even a program can turn to be a singer! The typical example is Hatsune Miku.
Hatsune Miku is a computer program created form CRYTON FUTURE MEDIA by using VOCALOID, a sound synthesizer manufactured by Yamaha. (Yamaha is a musical instrument manufacturer) . The Japan name of Miku is 初音 ミク (In Japanese, 初音meaning the first music, and ミクis the name of the character). In the program, any songs can be uploaded to this program and Miku will sing the songs by using her own voice. The blueprint of Miku’s voice is Saki Fujita. After mixing Saki’s sound with VOCALOID...

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