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Music Oo4 Composer Report On Carlo Gesualdo

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I would like to start my report by saying that this is not the composer I was originally
going to write about. I started out by looking up all the composers, and choosing
Johannes Brahms because he looked like Santa Claus. I also liked him after reading more
about him and then listening to one of his works called A German Requiem. However, I
was not fully satisfied and began reading about other composers when I came upon Carlo
Gesualdo. His story has the most drama and shock factor that I have read so far and thus
caught my attention and provoked me to write my report on him. I would like to start by
saying that he was a composer of the late renaissance, he wrote very expressive madrigals
and also sacred music. He was born in 1560 although that is a matter of dispute. He was
born in Venosa, a town in the province of Potenza, in the Southern Italian region of
Basilicata. He was born into privilege, he was born a Prince. His family acquired the
principality of Venosa in 1560. He had a good childhood and showed an immediate
interest in music and began playing multiple instruments early on including the Guitar. In

Music oo4

Composer Report

Carlo Gesualdo
By: Alicia Kuhl Page 2

1586 he married his first cousin, and this is where things get a little crazy for him for
awhile. His wife was having an affair and had been for over 2 years. It seemed to be the
talk of the town and everyone knew about it. Having been suspicious Gesualdo had some
extra keys made to the castle and while everyone suspected that he was away, he came
back to the castle and caught his wife having an affair red handed in the act. He must

been furious because he killed them both. Slaughtered them right there in the bed. The
Duke of Andria is who his wife Donna Maria d'Avalos was having an affair with, and he
was stabbed with a sword and shot in the head. Donna herself was stabbed multiple

When he was finished killing them he dressed the Duke in Donna’s dress and put them
both out in front of the palace on display for everyone to see. He was immune from
prosecution but the family members of the deceased could try...

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