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Music Paper

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Music Research Paper Draft
Within much of the musical world, the use of music with varying forms of animation, ranging in type from educational and children’s shows, to historical and basic entertainment genres, have continually been used as cultural constants since the beginning of early television programs. From the early silent black-and-white films of the early 20th century to the Hollywood blockbusters of the modern-day United States and elsewhere, music performed with classical and modern films have played a central role in how people enjoy music. With the importance of music to many global cultures, the need for far-reaching cultural icons is quite important through film and animation as well, helping to attract a wide range of viewers. Even in the realm of animation, many musical compositions are highly popular as a result of well-regarded animated films and shows. One portion of the world where animation is held in higher regard outside of the West is in Japan, where Japanese animation, also simply known as “anime” is often a popular facet of life than can been seen in many parts of Japanese life. In some instances such as shopping, watching television shows, and even during the daily commute to work in some cases, anime is a well-seen part of Japanese life for many individuals. Given that the artistic genre of anime itself can be seen in different views, the music within this animation style can be seen the same way as well, drawing influences from multiple musical genres to create songs and themes are inherently tied to a certain show. The influence of the music that is present in many anime shows is very distinct and varied, as there is no clear distinction between what can be considered as a genre that can be anime-related, given that the music within many anime incorporates multiple aspects of secular, religious, and popular musical aspects. This allows the culture in itself to be highly fascinating to the rest of the world, given its large span of cultural and musical diversity. As a result of this diversity, creators of various anime programs and those within all various aspects of artistic forms within the subculture often become very successful financially and culturally as a result, being able to traverse many musical and artistic genres with enough effort if they choose to do so. In this view, the Japanese and many Asian and countries are major consumers of this subculture, although the influence of anime has quickly spread beyond the borders of the island nation as far as the West. Although the nation is much smaller than many other larger first-world nations, its influence in the technological world is quite large, making it a leader in electronics and software formation, making the spread of Japanese culture much easier overall. The diversity of Japanese culture that is apparent within anime has spread into multiple genres, such as art, film, media, and even commercial markets, which all influence the spread of anime...

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