Music Listening Motivation Is Associated With Global Happiness In Canadian Late Adolescents

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This article is about the evidence and the outcome that listening to music has on late adolescents. For years evidence has shown that listening to music can provoke and emotional reaction in people. This study looks a little bit more in depth on the happiness side of the emotions. The theory being tested is can music listening be linked with more global happiness. A subjective well-being (SWB) is what defines global happiness and people’s cognitive and affective quality of life. SWB is a life outcome which comes from many factors like economic wellness, personality, and psychosocial prosperity. Could youth listening to music bring a positive influence to their global happiness? Music is one of the most pleasurable things in many people’s lives. Music also influences motivation and is an artistic outlet from adolescents. In the developmental period, music listening engages adolescents be increasing autonomy in their everyday lives (Steinberg). In adolescents’ autonomy development, music plays and important function, which could result in their global happiness. Some of the positive role of music can depend on the level of self-determination that drives music-listening behaviors, with higher self-determined motivation being more likely to promote optimal development and well-being (Ryan).
Autonomy is as developmental milestone achieved during adolescence. Autonomy development is the formation of identity, decision making, desire for independence, and pursuit of goals (Collins). Autonomy increases during adolescence and even more into late adolescence. Adolescents’ motivational autonomy is self-determined motivation. Autonomy has three forms; emotional, behavioral, and cognitive. The emotional side is when the adolescent doesn’t feel as much need of support from their parents. Behavioral is when adolescents can act independently (Steinberg). Cognitive is the adolescents own personal values, opinions, and thoughts (Steinberg). Adolescent motivation is their desire for independence.
Many studies have been done that shows evidence that music can promote states of happiness. For instance, in older adults, various listening strategies, such as mood regulation, identity, and agency, were positively linked with emotional well-being but were not related to life satisfaction (Laukka). With life satisfaction not being related to listening to music with older adults, made psychologist wonder, is it related in adolescents. Very few studies during the time of this study looked into music’s role in more stable and global happiness in adolescence.
Adolescents have many music listening motivations. The literature on music motivation is becoming more important. With the literature on music motivation becoming more important researchers became more interested. As researchers studied, the innovative line of research has identified several music listening motives in adolescence that should result emotional well-being and satisfaction with everyday social life....

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