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Music Piracy Essay

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Music piracy is the process of copying, or file sharing copyrighted materials illegally. Music theft hurts the artists that bring music to your ears due to the fact that they’re not receiving a decent amount of income because their songs are obviously getting stolen. A survey has identified that 70 percent of all 18 to 29 year olds have pirated music, TV shows, or movies. “Music has been compact and easy to reproduce since the days of sheet music. It is, moreover, intensely social: People want to share it with each other, whether by sending a YouTube URL in the 21st century, trading Grateful Dead tapes in the 20th, or copying sheet music for other singers in the church choir in the 19th” ...view middle of the document...

“In December 1999, 18 major record companies filed suit against Napster claiming that it enabled Internet users to copy copyrighted sound recordings and unlawfully distribute them. Napster officials argued that since the service only connected the users’ computers and did not provide the copyrighted songs to users itself, it was not violating copyright laws” (Isenberg). However, many non-popular bands enjoyed, and actually allowed their music to get pirated due to the fact that they’re gaining popularity. There was also a program called Limewire that was very similar to Napster. Limewire released right before Napster shut down, and Limewire didn’t get terminated until late October of 2010. Today, there’s no where near as many illegal programs used to download copyrighted materials.. instead, there’s free internet radios, and alternative programs that allow you to listen to the tracks, but makes it unable for you to download them to your devices.

Some of the benefits of music piracy is that the artists who aren’t exactly popular, can be recognized through piracy. It gives others the opportunity to listen to the tracks from the recording artist without buying an album and risking not liking them. Another positive outlook on piracy is people get music for free! Although it’s obviously not a positive thing for the artists. Music piracy is one of those things where it’s almost impossible to get rid of. “Lawsuits were just once piece of our overall effort to discourage illegal downloading and encourage fans to turn to legal music alternatives. Yes, we enforce our rights against people who steal music. We also work hard to educate consumers about the law and about the many legal ways to get music online .Because we know the best way to deter piracy is to offer fans compelling legal alternations, record companies are aggressively licensing their music to a great many services - from download and subscription models to Internet radio to legitimate P2P and more. Giving these legal online services a change to flourish is a driving factor in almost everything we do.” There will more than likely always be a way to download a track online. A safe, legal alternative to duplicate music, is to buy the original CD, then burn another copy via CD burner and blank discs. However, this method is only legal if you don’t sell it. Selling unoriginal materials can result in authorities taking legal action.

There’s a lot more bad things about music piracy than good things. One of the worst problems with piracy is the loss of money to the recording artists. Some people think that Music Piracy isn’t an issue, but realistically; one analysis by the Institute for Policy Innovation concludes that global music piracy causes $12.5 billion of economic losses every year. Most people think that all artists have a lot of money, so they don’t mind to download their songs illegally. But, the majority of artists aren’t rich by any means. “Consumers of ‘free music’ may get a...

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