Music Review For G Herbo's Humble Beast Album Communication Assignment

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Jeremy Moorman
December 4, 2017
COMM 2300
G Herbo: Humble Beast Review
In the same way as other new rappers, what makes G Herbo fascinating is his relationship to the present day and how he influences his rap music to tell about his life background. Be that as it may, what characterizes Humble Beast is the means by which he brings the past to the present, tying overlooked the current hip hop music trend. It's not an album talking about what he did back then, its mostly taking about how he is developing as rapper.
Back in 2012 at age 16, G Herbo and fellow rapper, Lil Bibby, released a song called “Kill Sh*t”, that later paved a way on different kinds of rap music around the globe and also started his career as rapper. G Herbo’s approach to music is different from typical rappers nowadays, instead of talking about drugs and sex he’s talking about things people from rough areas can relate to. G Herbo’s most powerful strengths in his music is his delivery and flow that he shows in songs like 2015’s “I’m Rollin” and 2017’s “Everything” and...

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