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Music's Health Effects Essay

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Imagine a world, where everyone has advanced focus, where everyone has no stress, and where everyone is perfectly happy. This perfect utopia may seem like a setting in a futuristic science fiction book, but this utopia is not some far flung reality. It’s possible, through the powerful healing effects of music. Music for centuries has entertained the crowds who came to watch it, but until recently have we learned the effects it brings to the human body. From raising your oxygen saturation, to lowering your blood pressure to changing mood, the health effects of music are becoming more and more revealed. As man begins to unlock the secret’s of music, this knowledge can start being applied to the real world. This includes the world of business, academia, and more recently medical fields. So in short, music can provide stress relief, it improves focus, and it improves mental health.

Music effect on stress relief is due in part to it’s effect on mood. This may seem like a sentence within a sentence, but it is much more than that. When listening to classical music, one is brought into a state of calm. When listening to rap or faster tempo music, one is brought into a state of action. These effects all have to do with the power of music on our mood. Classical music, is the most effective at calming someone down. In terms of numbers, listening to classical music, as used in this study, was associated with a significant (5-5.6%, p<0.05) lowering of the resting heart rate and a consistent improvement of oxygen saturation (by 1-1.4%).(V K Paul1 #4.) These may seem like strange numbers, but they have a great deal to do with the topic at hand. Later on in the paper, it discusses more vividly into the terms of oxygen saturation and heart rate, but here is a quick introduction. Oxygen saturation is as a relative measure of the amount of oxygen that is dissolved or carried within a medium. This is important in terms of relaxation, because as the patient relaxes more oxygen goes through the body. Heart rate, refers to the speed of the heartbeat, specifically the number of heartbeats per unit of time. This is also important to relaxation, as a decrease in heart rate indicates the patient is calming down.

Besides the psychological effects of music and relaxation, physical effects also take place as well within the body. As previously stated, music has been found to decrease heart rate. In the study used above, the patients had a (5-5.6%, p<0.05) lowering of the resting heart rate, and achieved decreased oxygen saturation levels by (1-1.4%).

Within the complex world of the human brain, music provides focus and helps countless numbers of people develop sharper, and more developed brains. Classical music is once again, one of the reasons why this is achieved. It is achieved not not only through it’s mellow tone sand it’s acoustic instruments, but also through the nature of the music. Classical music has also been shown to increase spatial recognition, and...

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