Music Study Guide For 8th Graders School Assignment

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Music Notes for Grade 8 8/19/08 1:50 PM
Processional ~ music for a procession or parade.
Grease ~ The Musical created in the 1970’s but took place in the 1950’s.
Saddle shoes
Greased hair
Poodle skirts
Drive-in Movies
Scat ~ singing nonsense syllables.
Tempo ~ the speed of the beat (how fast or slow a song is)
Allegro – fast
Largo / Lento – Slow
Presto – very fast
Moderato – medium or walking tempo
Dynamics ~ the louds and softs of music.
Forte – Loud – f
Piano – soft – p
Fortissimo – very loud – ff
Pianissimo – very soft – pp
Mezzo – half – m
Form in Music ~ is the different sections of a song.
Example: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star = ABA form
The 4 Voices
Speaking voice
Whispering voice
Yelling voice
Singing Voice
The Symphony Orchestra
Music Notes
Lines and Spaces of the Treble Clef
Dotted Rhythms
A dot after a note equals half of the value of the preceding note.
Dotted whole note =’s 6 beats
Dotted half note = ‘s 3 beats
Dotted quarter note =’s 1 and a half beats
Music Notes for grade 5 8/19/08 1:50 PM
Tone Color ~ The unique sound of an instrument or voice.
Coda ~ the ending section of a song.
Big Band ~ (musical group from the 1930’s & 1940’s)
Band vs. Orchestra
(No string Instruments)
Form in Music ~ The different sections of a song.
Verse/Refrain form ~
(used in songs on the radio) = AB
March form ~
(any song played by a marching band) = Introduction AA BB Trio Trio
Trio ~ 3 instruments playing at the same time.
Samba ~ Music from Brazil
Samba Bateria ~ a musical group from Brazil that play percussion instruments.
Conga ~ A dance from Brazil.
Melodic Contour ~ the shape of a melody (connect the dots w/ music notes)
Step, skip, leap, repeat
Scale ~ A series of 8 pitches that ascend or descend from a letter to the same letter. Example: C D E F G A B C
Pitch ~ the highness or lowness of a tone.
Tempo ~ the speed of the beat (how fast or slow a song is)
Allegro – fast
Largo / Lento – Slow
Presto – very fast
Moderato – medium or walking tempo
Dynamics ~ the louds and softs of music.
Forte – Loud – f
Piano – soft – p
Fortissimo – very loud – ff
Pianissimo – very soft – pp
Mezzo – half – m
The Keyboard Connection
Musical Visual Artists:
Renoir: Junne Filles au Piano (2 girls at a piano)
Picasso: Violin and Piano & 3 Musicians
Van Gogh:
Manuals ~ Keyboards
Stops ~ redirect the airflow to various pipes to change the sound of the instrument. (Example: manual 1 trumpet, manual 2 flute, foot pedals organ)
Pedal Point ~ a note held for a long time under fast scales and changing chords.
Popular during the lifetime of George Washington.
Hand crafted.
Strings are plucked to produce sound.
88 Keys
Black keys are grouped into sets of 2’s and 3s.
Types include: Grand, Baby Grand, Upright, & Spinet
Pachelbel’s Canon in D
Canon ~ a melody that is imitated in one or more parts.
Carl Orff ~ A GERMAN COMPOSER who rewrote Carmina Burana in 1936...

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