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Music Therapy Essay

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In this world that we live in, music is everywhere. Music can be heard in birds, in blowing wind, in bubbling brooks, and in laughter. Music is one of the universal languages used in this world to transcend time and space, and it keeps human beings united. Due to technological advancement music has come a long way to make the world a better place to live.

In fact, music has been used in various fields of research to test how it enhances the learning process of people with learning disorders and autism. Music therapy is used in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, schools, and prisons as a form of treatment for individuals with medical problems, sensory impairment, developmental disabilities, and aging. Music also reduces stress among the patients. Music therapy is a process that uses music and sounds to improve mental and physical health. Music therapy also has changed the lives of children with special needs and this has contributed to a positive impact on their cognitive development.

The publication "Academic of education Leadership Journal," by summer, states that, "students with disabilities arrive daily in music classes from kindergarten through high school" (113-6). The article examines how music therapy has lead to an increase of disabled children in school mostly in United States. In 2001 congress passed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, which allowed the majority of children with disabilities to get public education. The journal suggests that music has led to effective learning processes among children with autism and individuals with disabilities of various kinds. In fact, involving an autistic child with musical activities has lead educators to assist them with learning a language. The article also looks at how music therapy has led to children with autism wanting to learn more and this has provided a sense of community in disabled children. Music strengthens the connection among neurons when children are growing. These strengthened connections provide the child with concrete, hand-on experiences that are basic for young children. In the end, the cognitive functioning of the brain is stimulated by the songs that are being played in the classroom or surrounding environment. Though songs their impersonal speech is eliminated by making them participate in singing and composing some simple songs that help them with remediation and development of speech. For example if you listen to an instrumental tune it will make you meditate.

Over the years there has been a growing impact of music on children with disabilities. In psychology, it is known that music therapy improves fine motor skills and also improves gross motor neurons as coordination skills. The article "Psychology" by Ciccarelli and Meyer focus on music as a means of reinforcement (190). Through some songs children learn how to change from one activity to another. For an example, a song can be used in the morning when they arrive in class, and another one used...

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