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Music Therapy With Sed Children Essay

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Once the sample has been selected the instructors, the participants, and their parents will receive a small orientation. During this orientation the instructors, the participants, and the parents will be informed about the purpose of the study and what roles they will have during the process. The instructors will sign a consent form that will acknowledge they have received the orientation and that they have agreed to partake in the study. The participants and parents will sign a separate consent form that also acknowledges they have received the orientation. The participants will sign as a minor (if between the ages of 14 and 17 years) that they agree to participate in the study, and the parents will sign as the parent/guardian that is acknowledging and agree to the study. Participants who are 18 or 19 years of age will not need a parent or guardian unless that parent/guardian have been deemed necessary to sign for the participant.
After all the consent forms have been received the participants will be randomly assigned to a control and experimental group. The participants will receive individual therapy sessions that will last 50 minutes, the participants will attend 1 therapy session a week for 12 weeks. The participants in the control group will receive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with an emphasis on skill building. The control will serve as a way to compare the effectiveness of the music therapy intervention, by comparing the groups the results will be able to show if music therapy has the same effect as other established therapy interventions. The experimental group will receive music therapy. Theses sessions will be mostly improvisational, and structured around how the participant feels during their session. The techniques that will be used will be instrument playing, songwriting, lyric analysis, and skill building.
The technique of instrument playing will be used as a means for the participants to express their feelings and moods. The technique of songwriting will be used after instrument playing to express themselves in a written form. The technique of lyric analysis will be used by the participants to analyze their own songs they have written. During the analysis phase skills will be introduced as they relate to their feelings. An example of this would be if the participant is feeling angry, they would have the opportunity to explore this feeling through an instrument. After the instrument playing the participant will write a song based on their anger. After the writing session the participant will look for triggers through the lyrics, or look for the reasoning behind their anger. Skills will be introduced during the analysis portion to help the participant control their anger.
At the beginning of the first session the participants will complete the CBCL-YSR. This first measurement will serve as a baseline measurement. This first measurement will be a representative of how the participants behaviors were before an...

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