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Musical Analysis Of "Interpol" By Specialist And "You" By Tim Hughes, Focusing On The Use Of Melody In The Samples.

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"Specialist" - Interpol

This song opens with a simple bass line melody, consisting of 4 notes, the first and third notes played 3 times and the second and fourth notes played 4 times. The whole line is made up of quavers and semi-quavers. There is only a slight variation in pitch throughout the line. This bass line serves as the theme for the piece as it runs throughout the whole song and all the other melodies are based upon it. The vocal line fits with the 4/4 beat of the piece, with subtle vocal accents placed on the beat. The voice is the first instrument that begins to overlap the bass line. A simple guitar melody (consisting of a succession of accented strummed chords) begins and soon after 3 different melodies are rapidly added. The guitar melody is repeated but at a different pitch level; creating a harmony. Then a second guitar plays singular notes on the off beat; the rest between the strums of the previous melody, lasting only for a quaver-beat. A driving guitar rhythm is brought in consisting of a succession of heavily accented quaver beats. A singular high note on a keyboard is also played successively on the beat. During the chorus the guitars then play an alteration of the original bass line melody, developing the theme. The theme throughout this piece is rarely varied except during the short chorus where all the instruments minus the guitar (which plays the new driving melody; still although, a continuation of the original one) play altogether, on the beat. The rest of the song continues along in the same succession of melodic patterns.

"You" - Tim Hughes

As typical in rock or melodic music, this song relies mainly on two instrumental melodies (verse and chorus) the main variety occurring in the phrasing and the lyrics. In contrast to the previous song - "Specialist" the theme and driving melody is displayed through the voice and lyrics. The verse opens with a heavily accented guitar...

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