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The note that music plays in our everyday life is not thought of on a regular basis. Some people may never ever think about how music can effect our moods, our thoughts or our temperaments. Music can make one feel happy, sad, reflective, angry, passionate, foolish and spiritual. I don't believe that there is a human emotion that can not be effected or altered by music. There are a lot of people who believe that music is unimportant, that it is only for the young at heart or a waste of time. I find that these same narrow minded people do not find any of the fine arts to be of any value at all.

Music has been around since the beginning of recorded history of man. Early example of this can be found in the Bible. One of the most read and beloved books of the Bible is Psalms. Psalms means praises or songs of praises. There are one hundred and fifty Psalms in this collection; they are credited to various authors. King David wrote the majority of the Psalms found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, with a total of seventy three. The Psalms have been extremely popular as they reflect experiences common to the human race. They express the personal feelings of gratitude, attitude, emotions and interest in each other. As one reads them you can see that the purpose varies with each chapter. Some Psalms are petitions to God, praise and thanksgiving are common themes, as in reflection and forgiveness.

A poet writes words that describes his thoughts or feelings. A music artist writes these same thoughts and feelings then sets them into music. One doesn't have to have a great voice, play an instrument or have any knowledge of notes to connect with a song. Of course music is subjective and what one person likes another may not like at all, maybe even hate it. It may make them nervous, irritated or even sleepy. Most people know right away if a song is liked or not. Even small children know what they like; they may not know why, but it touches them in some way. Children seem to like short, upbeat, rhyming songs. This has not been lost of the advertising companies who market their product with catchy jingles aimed at getting their attention (Whitern 171).

It has been said that, "Music can sooth the savage soul." I believe this to be half true. For as much as a song can sooth one, it also irritates one. There are several songs that call one to bring an end to injustice or to be counted. One song that comes to mind is Bob Marley's song, Stand Up. It says, "Get up, stand up; stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up; don't give up the fight." Here Mr. Marley is using his feelings to call people o do what's right, to hold fast and to stay the course till the end.

Anger is another emotion that music can bring out in people. There are a lot of songs that artist express their hurt and pain with words. I'm reminded of Johnny Cash, Cash is a legend in country and rock circles. His music often sounds the same, but each song has a meaning all its own. Cash easily...

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