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Music of Love

        The Sound of Music proved, once again, to be a wonderful film for those of all ages. It is set in Austria during the late 1930's, when Nazi Germany was on its rise. Captain Von Trap lived with his seven children in a large mansion. He was in need of a governess (nanny), because his wife had died a few years back. Maria was a nun who was sent to take care of the children. She had been sort of a pain at the abbey and was sent out into the real world to discover herself. Indeed she did. Maria helped the family to relax and have fun by introducing them to singing. They sang beautifully. The Captain fell in love with Maria and broke off his engagement with another woman. Maria and Gayog (the Captain) were married. However, he was asked to become a Captain for a ship in Berlin. He did not want to because he did not want to help fight with the Nazis who were trying to take over Austria. He and his family escaped into the Swiss Alps, heading for a new life in Switzerland. The Sound of Music is a wonderful film that everyone should see. It is a typical love story with music intertwined throughout the film.

        The music in

        The music in The Sound of Music is beautifully written. I believe that it was done by Rodgers and Hammerstein. All of the actors and actresses sang beautifully and really helped to give life...

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