Musical Therapy A History And Medicine Impact

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The music can’t live in the lines it was given. It needs to explore, to be changed and rewritten. Don’t people live the same? We’re given certain expectations and yet some break free and create something new entirely. Each song is a finger print, there may be similarities but there is something unique about each one. There is something about this uniqueness that brings out something in humans. Something is sparked when a chord is struck. Something that drives us forward. For some music has changed their life. They used music as an escape from an abusive relationship, or a drug abuse. Some used it to push forward. They use it to learn to walk or speak through the use of Music therapy. ...view middle of the document...

Many of those ashes were still burning embers, fighters who wouldn’t and couldn’t be stopped so easily. Those embers were soldiers. Some of the soldiers were very seriously injured, other lost majority of their ability to act as they did before they stood for a cause.
While these brave men rested in hospital wings, guess who came to visit them to help lift their spirits. A wonderful thing the most beautiful thing, music. Musicians of all sorts from all over would come and perform for the veterans, nurses and doctors said they noticed a reasonable change in the men, they became very sanguineness. This change in the residents gave the doctors an idea. Let’s hire musicians. This led to musicians being hired, ones with a required specific curriculum that was to be acquired through a program designed to fit the needs of everyone.
This thought of music having magical healing powers and being able to bond to a human in ways we can’t imagine still lives in many scientists and medical professionals. Elena Mannes is an accomplished documentarian, writer and producer for the big screen. Her first book the power of music; pioneering discoveries in the new science of song goes inside of a human to explore how music is interpreted.
One of the passages in her book Power of music, states they wondered how and if music was heard in the womb by a fetus that was still developing. To explore this hypothesis they designed a special microphone that was able to be placed inside of the womb and could record what was passing through to the child. When they were reviewing the tapes, I was very surprised that they actually were able to hear the mother singing a simple child’s lullaby, a song on the radio or even a voice and being able to tell if it was male or female. They found that the fetus was responding to the noise. No it wasn’t dancing or cutting any rug, it was just - startled. Although science has come so far, the question “Will Mozart makes my baby smart?” is still yet to be answered with a resounding yes or no. The inquiry is still in session as to it is stimulation of the brain based on social or cultural experience or the music. But studies have shown an IQ test taken once with silence results were lower than the second time while music was playing. Scientist did a brain analysis and could not find one specific region of the brain that was acting as if it was the only part hearing the song, “It was dancing.” The pulses were being shared between the lobes.
Music affects us all even if we don’t notice it. Our pace we walk is our own beat, we all have a song inside us, some choose to let it out and sing in choir, while others play any kind of instrument. Studies have shown that students that learn to play an instrument will be able to find mistakes they make while doing homework or everyday activates more quickly than students who don’t play a musical instrument. This is because the repetitive motions of replaying a piece of music requires the student to...

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