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Give Me Love- Ed SheeranWhen people hear the term 'Cupid' for a majority of us, the image that springs to mind is a winged cherubic boy holding a bow and arrow. When we see this image we associate it with love. Where ever you are the traditional representation of cupid is a male. This is strange however because males are represented in society to be tough, strong and they don't express their emotion as freely as females do, so why would cupid (the symbol of love) be represented as a male and not a female.In the video clip Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, the first thing we see is a dead girl (Isabel Lucas) laying on a mattress with an arrow in her neck after this we get flashbacks of the events that happened before leading up to her death. In the first verse Ed Sheeran sings:Give me love like her, 'Cause lately I've been waking up alone, Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt, Told you I'd let them go, And that I'll fight my corner, Maybe tonight I'll call ya, After my blood turns into alcohol, No, I just wanna hold ya.For this verse the video clip shows Isabel Lucas peering around a corner and watching a couple in 'love' (give me love like her), it then shows he sitting on a bed by herself ('cause lately I've been waking up alone). In the chorus, she starts to pull feathers out from her back turning into cupid and taking on 'his' role. So in this video clip, cupid is represented as a female rather than the traditional gender representation, which is a male.In the second verse Ed Sheeran sings:Give me love like never before, 'Cause lately I've been craving more, And it's been a while but I still feel the same, Maybe I should let you go, You know I'll fight my corner, And that tonight I'll call ya, After my blood is drowning in alcohol, No I just wanna hold ya.For this verse she is shown in a cafeteria/restaurant sitting at a table alone watching Ed Sheeran, who coincidently is on his own. Throughout the whole video however, he never seems to be shot once whilst other people in the video are shot. Isabel Lucas is shown doing vey masculine things and this is portrayed when she starts carving and constructing more arrows to shoot at couples.When Isabel Lucas turns into cupid, she takes on a very masculine, powerful and authoritative role. At the start of her role, she only shoots arrows at couples if the moment is right. She realises that she has the power to give love to people, but as she gets into the role as Cupid she starts to become obsessed with the idea of love. She understands the concept that she is able to give love to people but she is never able to get any in return. She shoots many couples whilst trying to find love, but she cannot give love to herself, love must be given to her. As she watches numerous couples fall in love she builds up anger inside of herself. This anger builds up to the point she snaps and turns into a darker, damaged cupid figure. Rather than shooting couples with her arrows she starts stabbing people even if they...

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