Muslim Christian Dialogue Essay

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Muslim-Christian Dialogue
A deep study in religion science.
The First Contact between a Christian and a Muslim
The Holy Bible
The Doctrine of the Trinity
The Doctrine of the Divinity of Jesus Christ
The Doctrine of the Divine Son ship of Jesus Christ
Was Jesus Crucified?
The Doctrine of Atonement and Original Sin
Muhammad in the Bible
Both Ishmael and Isaac Were Blessed
Criterion of the Prophet by Jeremiah
Until Shiloh Come
Baca Is Mecca
The House of My Glory
Chariot of Asses and Chariot of Camels
The Prophet Like unto Moses
My Servant, Messenger, and Elect
King David Called Him "My Lord"
Art Thou That Prophet?
Baptizing with the Holy Ghost and with Fire
I am an American raised from childhood in the Christian belief. Until I began my soul's
quest for God, I had taken many matters of importance for granted.
After discussions, reading, and rereading the manuscript of the present Muslim-Christian
Dialogue, I have gone over the quotations from the King James Version of the Holy Bible
and the Holy Qur'an.
I finally announce my shahadah (testimony) publicly in English, then in Arabic: I bear
witness that there is no deity except Allah, Who has no partner, and that Muhammad is His
servant and messenger (a shhadu an la illaha illa Allah, wahdahu la sharikah lahu wa
ashhadu anna Muhammadan 'abduhu wa rasulahu).
Through this very basic and simple testimony, I believe many people will submit to Allah
in spirit and truth.
I hope that this short and easy-to-read booklet will be read worldwide and will attract many
who are searching for a true belief where their minds may find rest and satisfaction.
Roy Earl Johnson
Note from the Author
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
This booklet has been written as the result of dialogues that I had with members of the
Christian clergy and laity. The discussions were polite, pleasant, friendly, and constructive
without the slightest intention of hurting the religious feeling of any Christian. It is
provocative and a challenge to Christianity. It is indispensable for those looking for the
truth and those studying Comparative religion.
C: Christian
M or m: Muslim
(pbuh): peace be upon him
(pbut): peace be upon them
(The latter two phrases are said by all pious Muslims after mentioning the name of a
prophet. They will be assumed throughout this booklet).
H. M. Baagil, M. D.
January 1 984
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
I am grateful to Allah for the opportunity to read the manuscript of Muslim-Christian
Dialogue and for being asked to write an introduction to this remarkably eye-opening
booklet. Anyone interested in comparative religion will find in this booklet many surprises
that challenge what many once believed to be absolute truths.
This work by Dr. Hasan M. Baagil reflects his meticulous and painstaking effort to present
his findings clearly, concisely, and thoroughly. As a result of his study of Christianity and
the Bible over a...

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