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On the board on Monday morning, there were numbers one through five and they each had a religion written next to them. 1 was Hinduism, 2 was Christianity, 3 was Judaism, 4 was Buddhism, and I was lucky enough to get 5: Islam. Oh, I know so much about Islam culture and their religion, are you kidding? I don’t even know where Islam is. I’m just kidding, it’s not a country. There are many differences between Islam and the United states like our religion, clothes, and food, and becoming a Christian or a Muslim, but Islam is the second largest religion in the world, so it’s important to a lot of people. The followers of Islam are called Muslims. Becoming a Muslim is not an easy process. You must ...view middle of the document...

Every Sunday families get all dressed up, the little boys in their suits and ties, the little girls in their puffy dresses. When the families get there they sit where they always sit, on the left side right under the balcony. Does that sound like a typical Sunday morning at church or what? Well, that’s not exactly how families in Islam go to church. They go to church every Friday, like how Sunday is for us Friday is their time of worship. They don’t go to a big church with a chapel and monitors where you look up and see they lyrics of the songs you are supposed to be singing along with. They go to worship in a building called a Mosque. A mosque is a small building with very little furniture. When we walk into our churches on Sunday we wipe our feet on the mats outside the door so we don’t get the floors dirty, Muslims take off their shoes, their clothes must be clean and the strangest of all their breath must be clean as well. Any person on Islam religion that eats garlic, onions, or leeks must either get the smell out of their mouth by brushing very well or they can’t come to the mosque at all. Any Muslim that has eaten one of the three foods can’t come into the Mosque, because the smell...

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