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Turbans, terrorists of 9/11, and men with multiple veiled wives; a common American viewpoint of people practicing the Islam religion lies on the foundation of stereotyping and the assumption that all Muslims observe radical proceedings. A recent emergence of interest in this ancient faith spawns from extremists flooding the news with bombings, intimidating threats, and the likes. As in many cases, no news is good news, and increased media attention drew the public eye toward what appears to be sectarian societies with outlandish and uncivilized ideals. Report after report documented oppressed women of the Middle East, blaming their religion for their lower stature in society. Images ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, people judge her for who she actually is.” She continues on that this woman deems herself as liberated and states, “She is no longer valued for something material such as her good looks or the shape of her body,”(Sher). In Farhad Kazemi’s “Gender, Identity, and Politics”, he comments on different meanings the hijab holds to different groups of people regionally. For example, Islamic women of Cairo, Egypt’s lower middle-class consider their veils as an opportunity to hold a position in workplaces largely monopolized by men all the while retaining their traditional family values (462). In order to resist authoritarian-style government, women of Egypt, Pre-Revolutionary Iran, and Turkey’s university campuses voluntarily don their hijabs as a symbol of their protest alongside their religious persona (462). Islamic followers of both genders are supposed to, “dress modestly in loose, non-transparent clothing and avoid situations that would put them alone with members of the opposite sex, or lead to temptations of misunderstandings,” (Beyond the Stereotypes). However, the Qur’an assigns both genders a dress code suggesting they protect their private parts in order to protect their purity (The Qur’an Translation, 24:30-31). The article “Women in Islam: Beyond the Stereotypes” presented by the World Association of Muslim Youth mentions that Muslims view women as the more attractive gender, and therefore women are required to wear scarves over their head. These same women forced into covering find great discontent with the exploitation of women in the western world (Beyond the Stereotypes). Their sacred text advocates for women to shroud themselves “in order to be known and not abused,” (Qur’an, 33:59), a concept which they...

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