Muslim Teachings Essay

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Islamic teachings

     The Islamic teachings about the care of the body have some similarities to our own culture. The guidelines of the care of the body are stricter in the Muslim life than in our culture. The care of the body is an important standard in the social behavior of their divine law.
     Muslims believe that their body belongs to God and not to the person. That body needs to be very clean and washing the body is part of their religious rituals. Muslim has standards and guidelines for the type of clothes they wear; it has to be simple and not overly seductive or luxurious. They are allowed to dress according to the newest fashions as long as they keep it simple.
Clothing is one of the big differences in our culture. First is not required by any law of God the way we dress. In our culture some people dresses with luxury and that is a sign of wealth. Overly seductive clothes is not seen well by society, but is just a sign of bad taste and not forbidden by any law of the church. We dress the way we feel more comfortable with as long as it is with taste and within the moral standards of our society.
Another aspect of the Muslim care of the body is perfumes. The good aroma of perfumes reminds Muslims of paradise. The three joys mentioned by Muhammad were the company of women, prayers and the perfume. This is one of the physical joys that Muslims enjoy. The good smell of perfume, the right clothes and the cleanliness of the body complete one important principle of the Muslim law of God. Perfume is also important in our culture. Good smell is a sign of...

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