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Must Every Nation Have Their Own State If They Want One?

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The belief of a nation running their own state is a right for most of us. However, this is only a new conviction. The right for one to sovereign their own nation has come due with hard work. Illicit imperialism has stricken humanity for numerous years. Due to the aspiration of power certain nations today do not self-govern their own state. But why would there be a desire for this power? Some of the main items include natural resources, increased assets, and military expansion. Ideally this is great if this is voluntary external rule, but when it’s no longer voluntary this is when the boundary has been crossed. This is why every nation should have control over their own state if they desire.
Although it may seem that the benefit would only be for the external ruling nation there are benefits of being in a territorial rule. The resources an underdeveloped country can receive are very beneficial. The establishment of schools, hospitals, military bases can provide a nation with a brighter future. Many would view this as a means to have an increased fixation for power, but also many would view this as giving optimism to those who would not be given otherwise. To this very day there are many underdeveloped countries that receive no aid, and clearly have dim prospects.
In 1857 the British had invaded the nation of Hindustan (India). Many feel that if it were not for the British Empire, India would still be an under developed country. The British established a government system that before did not exist. It was a three level system including the imperial government located in London, the central government located in Calcutta, and later on provincial governments scattered throughout the regions of what was known as the British Raj1. Although the Indians wanted to self-govern, like any underdeveloped nation under external rule, India would also reap the benefits of the British technology. Railways, roads, bridges were all built all around the nation to produce an infrastructure-link that would reap benefits for years to come. 2 The British also gave the Indians an agricultural economy, “The rush of technology was also changing the agricultural economy in India: by the last decade of the 19th century, a large fraction of some raw materials—not only cotton, but also some food-grains—were being exported to faraway markets.” 4
Being in a territorial regime can have effects that are both bad for the nation ruling and the nation being ruled. The two nations will conflict if the sovereign is under an involuntary status. Each nation will forward attacks to each other until one gives up or they are in warfare. This then causes insecurities within the country causing lots of problems. That is why it is imperative that a nation be self-governed if involuntarily controlled.
In Canada there is a similar situation where two nations Canada and Quebec are pushing Canada in the wrong direction. The two nations are in an argument whether...

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