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Mutability Essay

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One example of mutability in Shakespeare's poem is in the first two words of the first line. In this line, the speaker states “Poor soul, the center of my sinful earth.” The words “poor soul” emulate mutability because our souls are supposed to be perfect, beautiful, and spiritually wholesome. Instead, they “poor”; they have been changed from something perfect to being run down and spiritually lacking. Furthermore, our souls are being slowly ruined by the sinful lives we live. This outcome is not God's original intent for us. We are supposed to live spiritually wholesome and good lives. God gave us our souls so we would gain spiritual wealth and grace so we could get into Heaven. Our sinful choices and acts have begun to erode our souls; rob it of its grace and our spirituality; and cause us to lose our close relationship with God. Thus, we are losing a great deal of our grace and spiritual wealth.
The words “sinful earth” are also an example of mutability because the earth used to be something good. However, it is slowly deteriorating. Before man and sin, the earth was perfect and beautiful. The gradual negative effect of sin and careless acts of man has made the earth lose its perfection and beauty. Instead of taking care of the home God has provided for us, we have neglected it just as we have neglected our souls and relationship with God. Furthermore, the earth itself is a symbol of mutability because it constantly changes. For instance, nature, the weather, the oceans, and many other things on this planet never stay the same and/or are in constant motion. Although the earth naturally changes, man has made the earth change in a negative way.
A third example of mutability in Shakespeare's poem is when the speaker asks “Why so large cost, having so short a lease, Dost thou upon thy fading mansion spend” (L. 5-6)? Here, the speaker is implying that our bodies are temporary, and life is short. Nothing we have in our worldly lives will last, including our bodies. We all inevitably die. Although this is true, we must realize our souls last forever; our souls never die. We have spent too much time focusing on worldly things and living sinfully. Also, we have strayed away from God and His purpose. Our choice to live sinfully is a “large cost” because we are throwing away our relationship with God and the spiritual wealth and grace of our souls. Thus, we are also causing our chances of getting into Heaven to fade away (“fading mansion spend”). Instead of losing our grace, spiritual wealth, and purity of our should, we should use our limited time to live for God. God wants us to live with reverence for Him. By living the way He intends us to, we have lived our...

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