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Muzz Buzz Business Investigation Essay

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Muzz Buzz Information:
Muzz Buzz was first founded in Belmont, Western Australia in 2001 and soon found to be a success and began franchising in 2004 and later started to franchise the business out of Western Australia in 2006. Muzz Buzz now has around 53 stores together across Australia. Muzz Buzz is a Western Australian started business and primarily based here with 38 drive thru’s. Having a large selection of foods and drinks to select from it makes it simple to come to Muzz Buzz because it is all there! It is known for its coffee that is served quick, conveniently and is also satisfying! Muzz Buzz is unique with its different cup sizes available for different drink selections! For coffees and other hot drinks you can choose from a Short, Tall, Grande or a Really Big One! For the frappes, fruity blastz and other refreshing drinks you can choose from a tall and Grande size. The famous buzz balls also come in all of the cup sizes and the yummy short bread biscuits you get with your coffee can also come on their own in a full ($2.50) and a half ($1.00) kids cup size! Muzz Buzz is a franchise run by different owners so I chose to interview Brad Hope who owns and runs the Mandurah and Erskine locations. Because Brad owns two stores I am going to complete my assignment only on the Mandurah store. Brad first opened the Mandurah Muzz Buzz in October 2007, when he first did this he used a bank finance to pay for the business. Through the Mandurah store there is between 13-15 staff members that also do shifts at the Erskine store if needed.
Five characteristics of management, which contribute to success.
According to Brad the characteristics of management that contribute to success can be broken into six categories. The first one being a fair approach towards customers, the employees and the overall business as if employees or customers don’t all have the same outcomes from the business you are going to lose employees and customers. The second is having consistency. You need consistency throughout your business otherwise employees won’t be able to keep up with the changes and customers wont want to return if it is constantly changing. The third is clear communication. Clear communication is vital when you are running a business. Having clear communication means everyone knows what is going on and exactly what is expected of them to ensure the success of the business. Ethics is also a very important characteristic of success as the boss or manager should never ask an employee to do something unethical otherwise it is going to become a place that people don’t want to work at. The fifth characteristic is goal setting for team members, which would be set by the owner of the business. This is done so employees not only know they have to climb the mountain but also how it is supposed to be climbed. Without knowing employees are going to become lost at some point. The last characteristic is continues development of team members. This includes development of...

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