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My Abilities Of Being A Presentational Speaker

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Speaking in front of a classroom full of strangers is harder than you think. I have already done two big speeches for public speaking: Informative speech and commemorative speech. Conducting a speech is more work than I would have imagined. I had to learn how to do speeches before I could be a presentational speaker. The three abilities for being a presentational speaker for my individual speech assignments were my understanding, my score, and what I learned.
First, I need to focus on my understanding for the individual speeches. When I did my informative speech I made sure I printed out the outline, the activity handout, and the citation too help me with the speech. I made sure I had all the information to help me on the speech. I reviewed the handout the best I could. When I made my speech proposal I had three different topics. I made sure one of them would work out for giving my speech. When I finally found one that fit the speech perfect I used that topic.
First, I will focus on my understanding for the two speeches: Informative speech and commemorative speech. Informative speech was the first individual speech I learned how to do. To know how to do the informative speech I had to take notes from my teacher and print out important materials. I learned how to write an outline and to make speaker notes out of the outline. I had to learn to cite my materials, so I would not plagiarize on my speeches. I even went through three speech proposal until I had found the perfect one. I was provided examples of each material that we needed to make a successful speech on eLearning, but that was not the most important. The most important part was presenting the material well. I had to follow the same procedures for the Commemorative speech.
Next, I received the scores from what I had done on the two speeches. I was not really...

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