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My Academic And Professional Goals Essay

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I have an MD degree, Doctor of Medicine, and now I would like to further specialize in Clinical Anatomy, a sub-discipline of medical science. Fortunately, through the American Association of Anatomists’ website I found a list of graduate programs in anatomy available in the United States. Based on findings from the online research I conducted, I believe that with a Master’s degree in Clinical Anatomy, the possibilities for my future plans as an anatomy teacher and researcher are guaranteed.
I am interested in teaching the discipline of Human Anatomy.My future plan is the rehabilitation of the anatomy department at Kabul Medical University through modern integrated teaching disciplines, e.g. applying contemporary teaching modalities (including the use of computer software programs and anatomical imaging), conducting cadaveric dissections, medical visualization applications and research in anatomy related subjects.
The importance of my project can best be understood from a brief research I had recently in gaining a general view of teaching methods in the anatomy department at Kabul Medical University throughout its history from its beginning in 1923 until now. During the research I found that due to decades of war and conflict, not only a progression in anatomy teaching was affected, but it also resulted in a loss of qualified cadres and facilities. The result of this deprivation is that within the whole country there is not a single institution with the ability to perform cadaver dissection for medical students. Even the anatomy laboratory of Kabul Medical University, the best medical university in the country, is limited to some models and artificial specimens. Furthermore, all of the anatomy professors are those who only have MDs in medicine, which means that there is a great demand for those who have a graduate degree in anatomy. Because of this situation, I would like to enter a program in the United States that will not only deepen my knowledge of anatomy, but also familiarize me with up-to-date technology and a variety of educational tools used in this field.
Seven years of study at the Kabul Medical University with a rigorous curriculum, has given me a strong foundation in the science of the human body. Unfortunately, work experience...

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