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My Academic Journey Essay

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In this essay I shall outline my academic journey from 2005 to present, demonstrating both the positive and negative aspects to my schooling career. This report will also display the significant events throughout the years as well as future aspirations and hopes.
In 2005 I began my learning path at the Calamvale Community College Preschool, which is the school I currently attend. From a young age I was praised and rewarded for a gift in which I did not need to work hard to improve nor achieve high results. From preschool I moved onto Grade 1. However at the beginning of that year my teachers and parents decided to advance me to Grade 2 as I was excelling rapidly in the Year 1 curriculum. ...view middle of the document...

Last year was the year I truly began to knuckle down and work hard for my grades. Although it was hard at first I managed to regain my intellectual ability and was rewarded at the end of the year with the Math and Technology Academic Awards.
Through my schooling years I have struggled more in areas of English and reading comprehension as aforementioned. In comparison to subjects such as History and Math, English has a wide variety of responses to each assessment piece as well as having many aspects to each concept which will only increase as I continue my education journey. Whenever there are practise Reading Comprehension questions there always seem to be more than one feasible answer to each question which only ever leave me confused and relying on luck to get a pass. I also possess less thorough right brain which means I can take up to two weeks just to plan and draft English assessment pieces, leaving minimal time for editing for genres such as narratives and literary descriptions. To improve my essay, I would set a personal due date for ideas, planning and drafting. As well as that I would also seek inspirations from my fellow colleagues and surroundings. To better my reading comprehension skills I began to read a lot more since Grade 7. As I developed more knowledge of writing styles, it would allow me to compare the simple and difficult versions of...

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