My Addiction Essay

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For forty – eight hours I was addicted to IceKube (the new drug) and there were some reactions to my mysterious behaviour. There were the oblivious people, who were quite interesting to notice. As secret as this addiction is, there are still some major physical differences that were very apparent (such as, my hands were always bright fluorescent neon green, plus I wore huge sweatshirts and carried a cooler around with me throughout the day. Also I was writing in a journal each class period). I had two people out of all the other individuals that I interact with ask why my hands were green. I ended up lying and saying I used markers the previous hour (which was bluntly obvious it was a lie as to both hands were almost fully green). My mother was the one to sign the permission slip (and she is the type of person who really reads it) so she was anticipating me to do this experiment. She kept asking me when the day I was going to do it was, so I just kept my mouth shut and she didn’t suspect a thing during the actual assimilation. I had to tell my brother, but that was only because I needed to use his freezer to make the IceKube. In one instance I was making IceKube and my brothers friend (Adam) came in and just stared at me. When he asked what I was doing, I said “making drugs” and he just looked at me and nodded saying “hm, didn’t peg you as the drug type” and walked off. Later, when the experiment was over I told him that it was for school and he just stared at me and nodded slowly (needless to say he still thinks I do drugs). The other encounter with a human being I had was at my church youth group, where I had my IceKube in my cooler, and my pastor (Conor) came up to “catch up” with me; as I was plopping IceKube into my water bottle. I was facing the wall (in a booth) and looked at him as he asked “uh, Courtney, what are you doing?” and I shakily shot back “what does it matter? Why are...

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Analyzing Addiction Essay

2348 words - 9 pages Addiction is everywhere, from celebrity tabloids, to television, and possibly to a family member or close friend. There is alcoholism, drug abuse, and gambling addiction; the effects of such are devastating. For example, the following excerpt is from the harrowing Leaving Dirty Jersey: A Crystal Meth Memoir by James Salant: “I gave Doug the spoon and I tried to pull thirty units of water into the syringe. Doug hit me on the side of my head and

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1123 words - 4 pages addicted. Personally, my outlook on the problem is that it needs a better solution. I think that a higher funding to gambling addiction clinics, more ordinance and restriction laws, and more prevention and awareness programs should bee brought into consideration in order to lower the amount of people who become addict to gambling.      Providing higher funds to gambling addiction clinics is one solution to the problem of gambling addiction

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619 words - 3 pages important things . ,Internet addiction is not an official addiction yet; however, in my personal opinion it should be because… dopamine acts in particular areas of the brain to mediate the sensation of pleasure from rewarding activities in this case internet. Illicit drugs as well as internet mimic dopamine or stimulate the release of unusually high levels of it in the reward centers of the brain to produce strong pleasure sensations, motivating users to repeat the behavior and contributing to the cycle of addiction.

Internet Addiction

957 words - 4 pages back her argument, she does not have any statements that are against the idea of the existence of Internet addiction. This makes the essay more one sided and less informative, which is made out to be. This essay appealed to me because of my interest in the Internet and knowledge of addiction existing. I believe that once a user has been introduced to the Internet there is an unseen reliance established. This reliance

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963 words - 4 pages spend on playing game s. This is a big problem of every country in the world. It affects addicted people on various aspects such as reduced health, lost responsibilities and violence. However, we have some solutions to help the addicts such as hospitals, personal time managements and exposing to other interest s. (The most effective treatment in my opinion is personal time manage). Internet addiction is very common in countries which have developed

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1027 words - 5 pages Everyone is familiar with the luminosity of a television and the silence that it breaks, the comfort of it. When people think of television they usually wouldn’t associate it with addiction. Television has been a popular past time for the United States since the 50’s, but it can hold some rather serious consequences. “Watching television has many of the marks of a dependency like alcoholism or other addictions” (Goleman); it alters the mind

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1118 words - 5 pages The guiding questions that led my research were “what can be done to increase the success rate of rehabilitation centers? And what can be done differently that is not being done right now?” As I went through the interviews and sources my argument was going to be based off of how to change the program with those questions in mind. Anne M. Fletcher is a registered dietician with a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.S. from Drexel University

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1666 words - 7 pages addictions, the scale has tipped. The bad outweighs the good, resulting in serious disturbances in one's ability to function in the "real" world. Webster's Dictionary defines addiction as "a habit so strong that one cannot give it up." We are all aware that people form addictions to many things, from cocaine to gambling. References to alcoholism and workaholism are commonplace throughout our society. The idea that people can form addictions from using

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1321 words - 5 pages Electronic Addiction Welcome to the world of the over stimulated, desensitized, and burnt out. There is a huge problem in our society, a problem that I cannot claim to be free of by any means; in fact, as I sit here writing this I am feeling its effects. The worst part of this issue is that it started for me in early childhood, as it did for many others. Kids start younger than ever before and they use more frequently. The fix is never

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1302 words - 5 pages Doug Padgett confessed, “My ex-wife tells me she divorced me because I spent more time on the computer than on her!” However, another member maintained that “the Internet is definitely addictive, but it makes the real world a better experience.” Many observers warn that heavy use of the Internet can have dire, sometimes irreparable, consequences. Lured by the Internet, some users have neglected their relationships and careers, sometimes

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2126 words - 9 pages As an international student who lives in a foreign country, my iphone is the simplest way to connect with my family and friends back home. This not the only thing I've benefited from my iphone, there are many things that I probably cannot do without my iphone around me. Somehow I thought of a question, can I live without that little device that’s called smartphone? Which can put the world at my fingertips and connects me to who I want at

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2209 words - 9 pages come to my understanding that addiction rehabilitation requires a commitment; on the part of the addicted, loved ones and professionals. His/her commitment and theirs must be clear, because the biggest challenge is to develop and maintain the commitment of the addict. That probably requires intensive professional addiction counseling to meet the unique needs of the individual and solve the mental and physical forms of the addiction.Short letters

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