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Receiving a higher education has been a lifelong goal for me. All my life I wanted a job saving animals, as I got older I knew being a veterinarian is my all-time life objective. Although, I am currently a veterinary technician I need to achieve a higher educational background to completely reach my goal in life. Having a college degree gives me the nostalgia that I long for; being able to say that I’m in college achieving my goals as becoming a veterinarian is gratifying to me. Being a role model to my daughter is also extremely important; having her see that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, she will see that life is difficult and there will be constant road blocks but with determination and hard work success is within reach. After completing college I will be able to get a better job and also receive a better pay check. Going to college for a higher education level is important to many, but not all. For me, going back to college will help me achieve so many of my goals that I have longed for.
The college experience may differ for many different people, the reasons that people go to college will differ from person to person. One of my reasons for going back to college is to accomplish my goal. All my life I’ve wanted to go to college and eventually receive a veterinary license. After completing high school I started college and after three years I dropped out to become a wife and mother. For many years I felt that I would not be able to go back to school and complete my life long goal for many different reasons: money and time were the two main problems that I had to face if I wanted to go back to college. After many years I decided that I would never have more money or more time, so it was time for me to just bite the bullet and do whatever it took to get myself back into school. Growing up I was always told that I could do anything I wanted, but I was never told that the road to get to my dream was going to be a difficult one and that I could possibly lose my way. Now being back in school I am closer to accomplishing my goal of being a veterinarian.
Being a role model for my young daughter is very important to me. Receiving a higher education is not only important to me, but also to my daughter. A single mother is usually categorized in a negative light. When one says “she’s a single mother” the first initial thoughts of many are the stereotyping that the single mother is on welfare, Medicare, and other government aids. Although the article “Great Expectations: Single Mothers in Higher Education,” by Diana L.Haleman is about the minority group of single mothers that live in poverty, I have some of the same issues that these women in the study had; mother, employee, and a college student. “Their educational experiences often provide an opportunity for disrupting negative expectations directed toward them and also symbolize for the women the possibility of realizing the hopes and dreams they hold for themselves and their...

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