My Afghan Hound Story. Question To Essay: Write A Essay About Any Experience You Or Dream That You Had.

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This is a very strange story of my life and it all started with my obsession with Afghan hounds. Not so long ago I saw an Afghan hound and I wanted to cry, because I wanted a dog like that very badly. I knew that I would never be able to have a dog like that, but one day I decided to order myself an Afghan hound. It all started like this:

I saw an advertisement in an overseas magazine. This advertisement was about a man who takes orders from people who wants dogs from certain countries. Then he goes to that specific country to collect the dog for you and then he sends the puppy to your country where the puppy can have a loving home.

I phoned the man to order an Afghan hound from Afghanistan. He told me that it would take 5 weeks for the puppy to arrive in South Africa. He also told me that I have to fetch the puppy from the airport in Johannesburg. But that he would keep in touch to confirm the date. I was so excited that I even started to count the days and nights. It felt like ages before I heard from the man again.

One day he phoned me and told me that the plane where the puppy was on has been highjacked. That meant that my special Afghan hounds life was in danger, all because of me. I panicked; I did not know what to do about the situation. Then I decided that nothing on earth was going to stop me from having that Afghan hound. I packed my bags and climbed on the first flight to Afghanistan to go and find that terrified...

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