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My Aid Project Essay

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Aid ProjectMy charity, funded by the United Nations, is built on the aims of contributing towards the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG, agreed on the September of 2000, covers the main approaches of seeking development. Our charity strives for sustainable development - development which accommodates the urgency of the present people, without, however, compromising the needs of the upcoming generations; this is crucial to make poverty history - keeping the MDG in mind.Subscribed £2000, we were given a list of potential ways to help Magdu, a village in Eastern Africa. After much consideration, we decided on investing in a dam and irrigation system, costing ...view middle of the document...

None of the other options, in our opinion, would be able to lead to such great success. A coal power station, to begin with, is unnecessary because the dam will provide hydroelectricity. 2000 sacks of flour will only last a limited time and then they will be back on square one. Same is the case with 300 sacks of chemical fertilizer - it also is not environmentally beneficial. 500 sets of clothes will not help them progress. The rest have some form of sustainability but none offer independence and furthermore have major drawbacks. For instance, tractors and lorries will require fuel and it is unlikely that there will be fuel station in a village where only 100 families reside. Moreover, the fuel will cost money, so what little money they will make will be lost here. The teacher and doctor at the school and birth control clinic respectively will have to be paid. The injections will soon run out and so will have to be replaced. TV, satellite dishes, sports centre, is wholly unrequired. TV's need electricity which also costs money. Playing sports will not achieve anything for the development of their village. Some of these things may meet the MDG but only temporarily because they simply are not sustainable. The villagers need money to develop, and the money will come when they export. They will export when they produce. They can only produce if they have the basic requirements. The dam and irrigation system will provide a firm foundation, from whose profit they will develop and become independent and not need to rely on external support. It will not affect the environment too drastically; simply harness its tremendous power.This choice as of now only meets one of the MDG - eradicate extreme poverty and hunger - but once the project is complete and the end products are up and running, it will meet six more goals: achieve universal primary education, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, promote gender equality and empower women, create a global partnership for development and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. The profits generated from exports will provide schooling, healthcare, food and housing with proper toilets and sewages, thus improving the QOL for the villagers by a significant amount.The villagers would welcome this project, glad that they will at last be independent. On the other hand, the political rulers of the country would detest the idea. They would prefer bilateral aid, which goes from top to down because then they would be able to make a lot more profit. Also, they would not like development because then more aid would be received, so more money for them. Also, on a much smaller scale and a lot less momentous, the electricity suppliers would be losing out because Magdu will generate its own from the dam. This opposition will lead to an extensive conflict between the leaders and Magdu residents. Because the place is dependent, labour costs would be low so MNC's and TNC's would set up there for more profit. However,...

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