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My Almost Four Years At St. Joseph's College

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Throughout my almost four years at Saint Joseph’s College, I have gained heaps of knowledge about various topics, anywhere from my Sports Management classes to Business to Physical Education. But little did I know, when I signed up to be a Puma, I signed up for something beyond a great education. My beliefs, values, and ethics have been put to the test. Not only going through the huge life changing event of going to college, but I have been asked time and time again what I thought and what I believed. This semester in Core 9, I have learned more about myself than I thought there was to me. My beliefs have blossomed into a never ending love for God and a desire to become closer to God every single day. My values have been tested to the point that I feel as though I have become a better person because I had to think for myself and voice that opinion. With these beliefs and values, I have come to find that my ethical reasoning stems not far from the roots of these beliefs and values in which I feel strongly of. Finding the core to my beliefs has helped me find who I am and I could not be more thankful for that. The very first Core 9 lecture this year, Brother Rob defined Christian Humanism by splitting the phrase up. He defined “Christian” as “Jesus Christ is the fullest expression of what it means to be a human in God’s image”. Then “Humanism” as “recognizing and celebrating the achievements and potentials of human beings”. He also listed five themes of Core 9: Suffering, Creation in God’s Image, Who is Jesus the Christ, The Kingdom of God, and Christian Humanism as a way of life (Reuter). I have revisited these statements and ideas as we have gone through the semester and referenced them many times not only for educational purposes, but also for personal purposes. I consider myself a very open-minded yet structured individual and it is reflected in my worldview.
Some people may argue that because there is a lot of evil and suffering in the world, that there cannot be a God. I disagree. God did not invite evil and suffering into the world, human beings did. With the good, comes the bad. In the book of Job, we read about Job who was a very blessed man. He had a lot going for him. When Job lost it all, his family and farm, he did not blame his troubles on God even though Job had never had something like that happen to him before. (Peterson). The remarkable thing about my God is that He is there for me no matter what. And as crazy as it sounds, I find most of my strength in God when things get hectic. Because even though I had a bad day, week, month or year, God is going to wake me up the next morning and give me a brand new day. I also have faith that God has a plan for every obstacle that he imposes for me. Sometimes, we go through suffering and evil because it is a growing experience as humans and ultimately as Christians. It is like God is testing our beliefs. And in the end we come out as stronger people and our faith grows because in the end,...

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