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I was born and raised in the United States but my family was not born here, they came from an area south of Los Angeles, Mexico. In the border between the United States and Mexico, many immigrants have lost their lives attempting to achieve their promise dream. Many immigrants who cross the border pursue the American Dream. My family was one of the many immigrant families who attempted and fortunately succeeded in crossing over the border. My father’s family originated from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. Many families just like mine risked their lives attempting to not only get to the border, but to cross it as well. My family did not differ much from the other immigrant families who sought to achieve economic stability and prosperity here in the United States. I believe just as my family came from Mexico to the United States for more opportunities to achieve economically, so did many other families who were affected by the economic depression in Mexico during the 20th century.
My father’s side of the family is from a very poor and dangerous urban community in Guadalajara. My father was born in January 1975, the eldest son, of a Catholic couple in Mexico. At the age of thirteen my father had three younger siblings the age of nine, seven, and one. At the time, Mexico’s economic situation suffered a horrific depression. The living conditions in Mexico were miserable and just like the rest of the community and the entire nation, my father’s family lived in extreme poverty. Many children in Mexico, including my father, dressed in used hand-down clothes and played soccer in the poor streets. My father lived in extreme poverty because my grandfather did not have a good paying job due to “economic and political decisions made”(Cleaveland 578).
My grandfather worked as a local taxi driver for minimum wage. At the age of twenty-eight, he was father to four children and the only one responsible of making sure his family had food on their table every day. My grandparents struggled on a day-to-day basis because my grandfather’s salary was only enough to eat rice and beans. My grandfather realized that it was not possible to be able to feed four children and improve their lifestyle under this low-income job. He began to seek for a new job in which he would gain a decent amount of money to improve his family’s lifestyle. He was not able to obtain a good paying job in Mexico. As a result, he found that the only solution would be for him to immigrate to the United States. The author Carol Cleaveland, from the George Mason University, finds that many immigrants “faced the choice of subsisting at home, or realizing the hope of earning a better living job in El Norte” this was the case for my grandfather (576).
Many in Mexico had difficulties in finding or maintaining a job that could support their family, as a result families started to flee the country “finding employment in the secondary US economy (Rank 2001) – undervalued jobs, characterized by erratic...

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