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My American Dream Is A Home Of My Own

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After a long day of work, I drive up to the white picket fence surrounding my Cape Cod style home. The tulips are in full bloom, and I can hear my children giggle through the whistling oaks of my backyard. This is a dream of mine. To own a house to call home is a destiny I hope to achieve one day. In today’s society, the millennials are caught up in moving around and never stopping to rest. Some young adults are choosing not to have children. All of these conditions make for a person not to want homeownership, but in what I have parlayed from my peers, that is not the case. There is still hope, and home ownership is in many of our futures. The American dream of homeownership is still ...view middle of the document...

They may have to move schools, make new friends, and start all over. Moving creates trouble for the adults and children in the family, but there is a solution to this problem. Buy a home! A home is a place where someone lives for an extended period of time. My home happens to be at the corner of Dove and Westwick. There I played wiffle ball, caught June bugs, and sold lemonade for ten cents. Other can’t say that, and I feel pity for them because I have had the great opportunity to live in one place. Growing up in one place was a fantastic attribute to my childhood, and it has created what I call home.
Home is not just physical, but sentimental. Every family should have the sentimentality of a home. The foyer of my home is not painted to the fullest. The cabinets are falling off in my kitchen. Strong straight-line winds have thrown shingles off the roof over my head. These are the imperfections that make up my home, and I love every square inch of it. The four bedroom two and a half bath house on almost an acre of land my parents purchased in 2003 is my...

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