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My Stress Essay

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My health topic is about stress. let's start by explain what stress is, stress is the mental and physical response and adoption by our bodies or perceived changes and challenges in our lives. That's the book definition, but I really liked the one they gave online it was simple and got to the point. Stress is, pressure or tension exerted on a material object. Very simple and straight into the point. So the reason I picked this topic, is because I am very bad at handling stress and managing it. Hopefully if I knew more about stress, I would be able to understand stress, also learn how to cope with it, not letting it get in the way of my life and living. So the more I looked into stress, I found out that stress had more than one topic. This is the other one I found out of five, Eustress which a positive stress. This stress helps out on self improvements and can improve on health. The other one I found was, Distress and it is a negative stress, usually happens due to someone close to you that has died, a break up in a relationship and finance problems. The fourth stress is Acutestress. Acutestress happens when you are put among pressure of what will happen in the near future also about the past. The final type of stress is chronic stress most likely the worse one that can lead to health problems. Chronic stress Is the response to emotional pressure suffered for a prolonged period over which an individual perceives he or she has no control. I got the chronic stress definition online because it explained it way better than the book did. The one in the book was can linger indefinitely and wreak your body system. So now that I know about stress and the other kind of stress, I wanted to know if I can change stress? The book stated that stress is a human instinct put in our DNA for survival. With that in mind I was wondering if there is an way, I can start to cntroll the bad stress and bring more good stress in like eustress or at least a balance so I don’t put my health a risk. Then I found a article called stress kills by Robert Sapolsky. He talks about what stress can do to the body and the psychological impact it has on the mind. The way he started to do his research was by finding a subject to test on. What he chose to test on confused me, because I thought why not just find an average person that stress on a average day of work, but he wanted to test on non humans to know the root of stress. Robert Saolsky choose bamboos monkeys, he followed a tribe of bamboo monkeys for over 30 years and learned so much about stress. The main things that I wanted off of his research was, the health impact to see if this can really hurt my health? It was a big yes! So we can all try to learn how to cope with stress because our health is at stake! The other big one is what stress does to me if I don't try to get it out of my lifestyle in healthy ways. Also the psychological impact it has in our brains and how much it effect our thinking. All this and more he went...

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