My Autobiography Essay

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I sit on my desk with vivid memories of my childhood. It's almost as
if my visions are projected in front of me, almost as if I can spring
into them and reenact my sweet childhood.

I remember my day trips out with my family. We were together as a
whole then, and I was full to the brim with love. I remember my mum
joining me on the 'gentle'rides while my dad videotaped my laughs and
my joys.

I felt induced to return my love and appreciation to my family. I'm
always being told that I was an energetic, affectionate young one. I
always used to say "Hello" to people and bare my teeth with a cheesy

Everything was as normal as can be, but then in 1995 my parents
parted. I'm guessing that they grew apart from one another. That was
really challenging for me. I was at a mere age of six. I don't think I
was expected to deal with this situation in a mature manner.I still
have contact with my dad which I'm grateful for.

My first primary school day, I was absolutely terrified. Everything was
perceived as enormous. All the other pupils were in higher years than
me. I felt isolated from my surroundings. Then out of all the other
children I saw this brown skin girl. Something attracted me to her. I
plucked up some courage and skipped over to her, she had her black
hair plaitted against her scalp, she wore the same garments as me, the
Tyssen Primary School uniform.

"Hi", I said nervously.

First she looked intimidated but to my relief she repiled with a
gleeful "Hello". From then this girl and me grew closer in friendship.
She is now a significant soul in my life. That's the day I met

When I found out that she was going to the same secondnary school as
me I knew straight away that I was going to be alright. However, the
thought of secondnary school frightened me. I saw my brother go
through secondnary school. I remember the day how he got beaten up. I
walked in my gran's house to see my brother on her bed with blood
pouring down his neck. I was around eight years old. Nothing embraced
me of what I saw. I was too shocked to realise what had happened. That
put me off of secondnary schools immediately.

When I finally started secondnary school, Clapton Girls' Technology
College, I had an endless question in my head which I couldn't manage
to anwser, was this the right school for me?

I've had a lot of inconvenient periods in the past and i've had some
pleasurable times in Clapton Girls', when I actually would come home
to my mum and say "Mum, today was a brilliant day". But mostly my time
in this school was disgraceful.

The significant occurrence in Clapton Girls' has to be the most
stressful part of my life

I remember I had my first phone call from a man, with a deep degrading
voice, claiming to be a teacher in my school. He stated...

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