My Autobiography About The Importance Of Friendship

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I have never found anything more important to the growth of my well-being than friendships. I will be talking about my friendships as a child, the heartbreak of having to lose them, and comparing that to the way I value friendships now. So, let’s go back in time to when I was a young child at the age of four.
When I was four years old I found my best friend and he continues to hold that spot to this day. His name is Garrett. When we first met, he was six and I was four, so logically we didn’t get along at all. The way I met him was, my dad was dating a woman named Kristi. He was getting really close to her and saw that Kristi was getting along with my sister and I very well. So, he wanted us to meet the rest of Kristi’s family. The majority of the family was older than us, and only one person was around the same age. That was Garrett. They wanted to get my sister and I to become friends with Garrett so that there would be that connection as well, so my stepmom took on the duty of getting us three together a couple times a week to hang out, and do whatever we wanted. At first there was no connection between us. We all enjoyed doing different things and the age difference played a huge role as well. Garrett and my sister were the same age, only born two days apart actually didn’t get along because they were six and as most six year olds are, girls didn’t get along with boys and vice versa. While I being two years younger, to him I was just the annoying little kid. So, none of us got along at first, but as you probably guessed that didn’t last long. Within a year we all became best friends. We did everything together, Garrett was asking to have sleepovers with me and I asked to have sleepovers with him every weekend. After a while, We became like the children at the end of The Heavenly Christmas Tree, always running at each other hugging one another, and became like brothers and sister.(Dostoyevsy,124) Actually as I became a little older or after I turned nine, we would spend two weeks living at his house in the summer and two weeks at mine each month. During the summer we were never separated, and thanks to the glory of God doing this never ruined our friendship and only strengthened it. Just after I turned six, my dad got married to Kristi. At that wedding is actually where I’d say we did most of our growing as friends. We were told to leave and go outside and play in the back, which we were ecstatic about. We played tag, and played on a nearby playground. We were having a great time like we had grown accustomed to by that point, until Garrett got stung by a bee. Garrett was always a tough kid, he never cried while I was around, so it was a shock to me when he cried after being stung. He ran back inside and got Kristi to take care of him. It was at that point that I realized that we put trust in the same people, and it brought us together. At school I had a few friends that I cared to hang out with at school, but none that I even thought about...

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