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My Babble Of Words How I Learned To Read And Write Eng Comp Assingment

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Most of the people in the world had learned to read and write at some point of their life. Either you learn from parents, older siblings, by yourself and some people have an exceptional case, but each individual has their own literacy story attached to their life. My literacy narrative is that I learned to read with a little bit of help from my mother and by myself by recognizing pictures and trying to spell the word. I eventually learned two languages at the same time, but at some point, my interest in reading and writing has become lost somewhere.

My mother use to give me books to read on my own because she use to stay busy every night she didn't tell me any bedtime stories so at night time I would catch hold of one the books and slowly grasp words by looking at the pictures. Then I tried to draw what I saw in the book and even try to rewrite it the same way I saw it, but of course all you could see was babble, and sometimes when I showed it to my mother, she gave me a smile and said I did a fantastic job even if it's babble. But what shocked her the most was when I tried to read the book to her, I pointed at the picture and matched the words with it. Like if I saw a monster, then I pointed at the monster in the book, and she would know that though I could not read words, I knew what they meant.

When I knew that all I want to do is read by myself because when I was a small kid, I wasn't able to read, but I hate to reading in groups because it makes me feel like everything that others read I am not getting it understood everything is evaporated besides that I even fall asleep in the class because I am not participating in reading so all I am doing is looking in the book and track that where someone is reading. When I read it by myself, I dissolve in the story and becomes one of the characters, even I make the sound effects like if it says about a door is groaning or hits and crashes the sound effects...

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