My Bahamas Vacation Essay

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“The Bahamas,” it was a trip of a lifetime. I went there with my girlfriend and a couple of other friends. We were all nervous because it was the first time any of us have flown. We finally got a chance to start boarding, after we arrived at the airport five hours early. Before boarding, we had to show the airport attendants our birth certificate. When I went to show them my birth certificate, they wouldn’t let me board because mine was a copy and not the original. Luckily, after waiting for twenty minutes, they made a few calls and let me go.

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        Our first day their we planned to take a boat over to the Atlantis resort on Paradise, Island. The Atlantis is a resort known to have movie stars and athletes stay. I was only twenty years old when we went there, so I have never been to a casino. We all got to gamble, and I won $300 playing blackjack, it was a blast. The resort also had an underground aquarium with sharks and lots of other odd looking fish.

        The next few days we sat around the resort and went parasailing, and lots of other activities. Parasailing was an adrenaline rush and probably one of the funnier things I had done in my life. We also went downtown Nassau and that is where they have a big flea market. The flea market had a lot of neat and different things down there. We spent the whole day downtown and later that night went out to a few dance clubs.

        The last two days we were there a hurricane was roaring in, while we were trying to get out. It was heading right for us. The night before we were taking off it got really windy and rainy. We were scared our flight would be delayed and that we would be stuck on the island when the hurricane hit. Luckily, we got the clear to take off, although it was still rainy and windy. We made it back to Chicago, where it was 70 degrees and sunny. Although the hurricane was close, I thought it was the best trip I’ve ever taken and hope to go back sometime.

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