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My Barrier Essay

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About a year ago, one of my toughest barriers that I had been through is when my mom got layoff from her job. She became more stress out and mad all the time. It is hard for women at her age and the lack of English to find another job. Every day she spends hours searching on the newspaper and the Internet looking for jobs. At the time I was a full-time student at Cal State Dominguez Hill and working part-time at Fry’s Electronics, and also at a karaoke place that was opened by me and a couple of friends. Even though I had two jobs, but the money that I got were all going into my business for decoration and inventory. Feeling guilty and sad about my mom stressing out every day, I decided to look for another job to help support the family. I was afraid to tell my mom that I am going to have another job because I know she will yell at me for working too much and not study for school. Hiding from my mom I started to ask around and search online for a job. About a week later one of my friends is CPA offices have an opening payroll position and asks if I want to apply. With a little knowledge of payroll from working at Fry’s Electronics and friend’s recommendation, I got scheduled for an interview two days after applying. Two days later the interview was successful and I got the position, working part-time with flexible schedule. I was so excited, but not knowing how to tell my mom about my third job. I decide to wait, wait until I am really sure everything is ok before telling my mom on that Sunday. The days were passing quickly and it already Sunday. Coming home from work, I ask my mom if she can come to my room to talk. My hand starts to sweat and my body feels weakened as my mom slowly approaching my room. Close my eye and taking a deep breath, I start to explain to my mom what was happened within the two weeks. She starts to get mad, raising her tone of voice and start to yell at me. “I don’t need your money to support this family, are you craving for money? What do you need the money for?” yelling at me on top of her lung. I was feeling very bad hearing all of that from my mom. All I want is to make everything betters and she can relax. Arguing back and forth for hours and nothing seems to settle. I was so tires coming home from work and I still need to study for my classes. I get mad and yell, “I’m old enough and I know what I’m doing. I already decided and there nothing you can say to change my mind.” Slamming the door and ignore everything my mom say. I felt really bad for yelling back at her. What she didn’t know is that I was the one that has been paying all the utility and credit card bills in the family. I don’t have choice, no one wants to work three jobs and going school full-time, but what done has to be done. Every day working 6 am and work at Fry’s Electronics to 12 pm, then drive over CPA office and work to 5 pm, and finally drive to Karaoke place and work to 3 am or 4 am. My day was either working from early morning to...

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