My Beliefs About Teaching And Learning

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I was extremely moved and inspired by the positive message and thematic undertones of the movie Radio. I have personally witnessed many children who have been subjected to discrimination and mistreatment. Needless to say, this had a direct impact upon their self-esteem and well-being.
The story envokes the realization that anyone can be mentally liberated if they simply only open their eyes and behold the value of individuality. It is up to each of us to explore this meaning. Through compassion we can unlock the true purpose and meaning of ourselves and others. We need to be open to and understanding of people who are different. Therefore, students who are mentally challenged need to be surrounded by those who dare to add value to their lives. We definitely need more people like the coach.
Honestly, how is intelligence measured? If we only measure a student’s IQ in reading and math logic it would be unjust for the student. The student need to be measured on many levels other than reading and math as it was reflected within the movie; one can bring forth many aspects of intelligence. For example, interpersonal and social skills, an understanding of diverse inequalities, compassion, and acceptance. Therefore, we can all learn and give to society.
Finally, it was helpful for me to broaden my understanding of the unconscious conflicts of transference. Everyday, we meet someone who transfers his or her own feelings to another person. Some may have positive results where others have negative outcomes. This stems from his or her emotional vulnerabilities and unresolved conflicts. We all need to be open of any challenge differ from our own perception.

My educational philosophy includes a set of ideals and beliefs that guide the professional behavior of educators. Also...

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