My Best Friend's Death Essay

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Throughout my eighteen years of life, my parents have told me on numerous occasions to be cautious when driving. They also told me to be alert when I am a passenger in a car. As a typical teenager, I thought that I was invincible and nothing could ever happen to me. On June 2, 2014 my invincibility expired.

It was a hot, humid day with severe weather predicted for the afternoon. My last class for the day ended at 1:15 pm. My plans were already set for the rest of the afternoon. The first thing on my agenda was to change into a more comfortable pair of shorts and a shirt. Next, I would drive to my friend John's house who had just gotten out of school. He was waiting for my arrival. We had been friends since we were little children and shared many of the same characteristics. As I arrived I noticed that the skies were gradually getting darker and that rain was beginning fall.

I decided that John should drive his car to the nearest shopping mall, mainly because I did not want to use my gas. At the mall, a few friends joined us. John and I shopped for the perfect running shoe. We were both running a half-marathon later that month. Once that was accomplished, me and the guys enjoyed a post-lunch meal and talked about any ridiculous thing that entered our minds.

On our way home, the rain started to fall rapidly. The rain drops were the size of grapes. The rain making contact with the hot pavement caused tremendous amounts of thick steam to rise up, impairing everyone's vision. Many cars were pulling over to the side of the road because it was nearly impossible to drive. Being invincible, we kept on going and did not pay attention to any of the obvious warning signals. We were able to get off the highway without a problem. According to what the police and news reports, 4:42 pm was the exact time that our lives changed dramatically.

We were only ten minutes away from home. As my friend was driving he dropped his cell phone. He took his eyes off the road to pick up the phone; I was not paying attention either. A few seconds later I felt an impact so great it was as if a train came head on into the car. It was not a train but an enormous sport utility vehicle. As my friend was reaching for the phone he swerved to the left crossing the center line. Because of the poor visibility it was impossible to avoid the sport utility...

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